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Seventy One. Who Am I?

artworks-000053455663-7k37yl-originalDid you know that the inner dialogue you have with yourself and the words you choose to speak out into your life are POWERFUL? They build, shape, and have the ability to transform or tear down. What you think about yourself matters. What you choose to SAY about yourself matters even more.

There is power in your word. When you claim something as your own through speaking it out into your life, when you make it your running dialog day in and day out, you’re telling the Universe that it is yours, whatever it is.

The Law of Attraction is real and it is ENERGY. What you give out you will receive … like a magnet. You attract TO you the thoughts and words you send out as vibrations.

Don’t believe me? Test it. See for yourself how real this is.I-Am-Awesome-Close-Up-e1346147344621

For example, “Ashley” has a running thought pattern within her that is negative. She constantly tells herself she’s fat, she’s ugly, no one loves her, and that she is not worthy of love anyway so it doesn’t matter. Over and over she thinks these thoughts. And because she has made it so much of her focus, she begins to SPEAK them as well.

She looks in the mirror after she has gotten dressed and says “This looks terrible on me. I am too fat to wear this.” She sits in her apartment every evening and says out loud, “I am always alone.” She has a conversation with a friend that doesn’t go as she would have liked and she mutters to herself “well of course that’s what happened, why would anything be different? I am not worthy of better … I suck.”

Over and over she thinks and speaks low, degrading, fear based, unworthy negative energy into her life. What she thinks turns into what she says, and what she says has POWER. Her words are very literally sending out a vibration that is sabotaging her success in life, not because they’re true, but because what you give, you receive. It is just like for like … energy for energy … like energy is attracted to and will surround like energy.

It’s like telling God, “I don’t care what you have in store for me or what my potential is, I do not want it. I believe I am unworthy of it and so I CHOOSE to bring the negative experiences into my life that will reinforce my unworthy feelings.” There is no faith in this way of being. There is no love and no belief in divine potential … there is fear. There is unworthiness. There is faithlessness.daily-positive-affirmations-i-believe-in-myself-and-my-abilities

Every time you say you’re unworthy, not loved, ugly, fat, stupid, unable, terrible at math, a horrible cook, really clumsy, thoughtless, etc. – ANY of that negative self talk that goes through your head and out your mouth will sabotage your TRUE potential.

God and the Universe has BIG, BEAUTIFUL, and LOVELY in store for you. THAT is your divine potential. They key though, is that you have to choose it. It will not be thrust upon you, it cannot … you must align to it, in energy, or it will be held from you (not because God is making you suffer so you’ll learn, but because it is a literal energy thing … you cannot receive what you’re not in the frequency to receive) until you do. You have to see it is available and that you’re worthy and SPEAK IT into your life.

It is ALWAYS about choice and being accountable to YOURSELF for what you receive. You cannot bring anything into any other person’s life, energy wise, and no one can give you the perspective to SEE. You have to do that for yourself. It is an individual journey and one that is always open and always “moving” if you begin to see in that way. The Universe would give you ALL good things … you only need to choose those things for yourself, believing that you are worthy of receiving and then expect them to

Now imagine “Ashley” ^^ becomes aware of the Law of Attraction and is inspired to test a NEW way of being. She begins to desire to change her life. And she sees that the only way to change is to OPEN the door to her true divine potential … how does she do that? She speaks LIFE and LOVE and LIGHT into her experience instead of the negativity she had been focusing on.

So now when a negative thought comes into her mind, and it does come, she chooses, instead of speaking it out, to just let it die. The negative THOUGHTS can fade away as they are left alone. She doesn’t dwell on them, she doesn’t make them even more real by saying them out loud … she just sees that they’re there and moves on to something else.

And at some point, “Ashley” is then able to speak LOVE and POTENTIAL into her life. The thoughts that come that are negative, she uses those to PIVOT into a more reliving, happy, loving, “divine potential” thought.

For instance, when she thinks “I am so fat. I look terrible in these jeans. I never find anything to wear that makes me look good.” …. she SEES that, acknowledges that she is thinking that, and then instead of sighing out loud and saying something that would reinforce that thought, she PIVOTS from that thought into a “divine potential” reinforcing word. “I am beautiful. I am exactly who I should be. My body is whole and healthy and strong. I am so grateful I see who I REALLY am.”i-am-affirmations

Every time she does this. When a negative thought comes, she CHOOSES to reinforce the way she WANTS to be, the way she DESIRES to be, the way she knows GOD AND UNVIERSE see her … her DIVINE POTENTIAL. (it is AWARENESS!) She speaks only THOSE words … the words that will attract to her the energy that she DESIRES. The door then, on that energy, and the experiences that reinforce those truths, opens … and as she continues to align with the energy of her potential, the door remains open to her and she receives those experiences that align with her potential. She becomes who she desires to be, who she TRULY is, and it is a joyful EXPANSION.

The door to your divine potential is always waiting for you to open it. There is not a potential that exists in TRUTH and LOVE that holds you as unworthy, unlovable, ugly, a failure, etc. Your divine potential says that you are NOW and will ALWAYS be worthy, loved, lovable, beautiful, successful, full of LIFE and LIGHT and LOVE.

You ARE those things today, whether you see them or not. They are yours to claim if you will choose them. Aligning to that thought pattern, that faithful spot of KNOWING who you are and what your potential is will open the door to receiving experiences that build you up, that inspire you to be who you DESIRE to be. It is always about choosing it and continuing to choose it regardless of what others say, what others think, or even what thoughts pass through your mind … you are not your thoughts. You are love … that energy that is love is literally what you are made of. Affirmations-for-children.-I-am-always-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time

It matters not what others think or say about you. Why should you be offended by another’s opinion of you when you KNOW what your divine nature is?! Their words have no power over truth; words or opinions that you are less than, not worthy, unequal, or anything like that are just illusion, they are not truth and so can be cast off as nothing … ALL of us, each unique individual on the earth is LOVE. That is our true nature. Whether a person sees it, acknowledges it, accepts it, it doesn’t matter. That YOU know it, is all that matters.

OWN THAT. Claim that divine nature as yours and speak that truth into your life.

Your world will change. You will see beautiful fruit come through testing that truth. It will transform your life.

“I am beautiful. I am strong. I am able to do ALL things. I am expanding in JOY every day.”

Tell yourself you ARE who your divine potential is to BE and then believe yourself when you say it. Over and over …. use the words you speak as a catalyst for positive change in your life. It will move mountains, it will allow miracles to be seen and you will see and know who you REALLY are. Affirmations-for-children-30.-I-am-calm-relaxed-and-peaceful

You are beautiful, with a beauty that comes from within that is not tarnished by ANYTHING on the outside. You are valuable and WORTHY of ALL good things. This is your true nature. This is who you really are. See it. Know it. Live it and as you do you will influence the world for good with the power only YOU have. Each of us has it, connect to it, open the door and it will flow in abundance and manifest the big, beautiful, loveliness that is your true nature.

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