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Seventy Two. Life, What is the Point?

13112850_10209267790194464_7446099622036571347_oI got to walk yesterday. The sun was out and it was cool and PERFECT for walking.

It’s Spring! There are flowers everywhere and the Scotch Broom in the field behind my house is in FULL bloom! … yellow flowers in every direction. Yes, most think Scotch Broom to be an “invasive species” – weed – but as I walked I got a closer look at it and decided that it’s just a beautiful flower like all others. The petals are perfect and velvety and a bright cheery yellow … I think it adds beauty to the earth.


I always love walking alone because I can use the time as meditation time. I don’t listen to music or anything else, I just walk and think. I love the clarity I feel, at the end of that 70 or so minutes, after I’ve spent all that time in peaceful stillness. Even though, yes, my legs are moving and my heart is pumping, I still connect to the stillness because it is ALWAYS available within, no matter what is happening without.

As I meditated yesterday, I was inspired to pay attention to joy, fun, and lightness in my life.

I love life, but as anyone else, life can get heavy. Burden seems to be everywhere if we are not careful where we are looking. It’s so easy to get caught up in doing, moving, finishing, end game, get this done and this done and …. before we know it, the tasks of everyday can bog us down until we are so focused on just getting things done and getting through the day, that we forget life is meant to be JOYFUL and that we can and SHOULD have fun!

It is not just about finishing and just trying to get through this life so we can end up somewhere better and happier and THEN find the joy.

Life IS and always will be about LIVING.

The JOURNEY is the point. the-trick-is-to-enjoy-the-life-quotein-cute-design-for-you-amusing-quotes-about-enjoying-lifeWhat you learn on the journey is the point. How you get to where you think you’re going, is the point. How you live is the point. How you treat those around you is the point. The joy and happiness you experience is the point. It is ALWAYS about EXPANSION. Expanding joy, expanding love, expanding understanding, expanding unity, expanding lightness.

If we are so focused on “getting there” we will miss the point completely.

You cannot separate yourself from the lightness of life and be at peace … peace comes in the lightness. Peace comes in the acceptance of what is and the hope for the beautiful “what will be” in faith of your divine nature. Peace is in the moments of joy that spill over and touch all in your influence. Peace is present when YOU are present.

Peace is NOT in the constant negativity. Peace is NOT in the focus on calamity and the terrible “what will be’s.” Peace is NOT in keeping your head down and “just getting through this” so you can maybe someday find happiness after a long life of suffering.

There is not meant to BE suffering. Life is about connecting to JOY and LOVE. Suffering and calamity and “terrible” do not coexist with love and joy. They are wholly unable to exist in the same place. Where love is, suffering is not. Suffering and fear and the terrible of the world is the ABSENCE of love. (and remember that LOVE is God. LOVE is Universal Energy. LOVE is what we are all made of … it is our divine nature. and so it is truth, it is reality, it is our truest most pure potential)13118908_10209267798594674_5828793722045533298_n

Life is about tapping into, connecting to, joyfully clinging to, remembering that FLOW of pure LOVE energy within. It is ALWAYS about connecting to THAT. That is the point. It is acknowledging who you are, why you’re here, and what to do while you’re here.

Love. Love. and Love. That answers those questions perfectly.

Who am I? I am Love.

Why am I here? I am here to connect to that Love that created me out of itself … which is also love.

What am I to do while I’m here? Be love, spread love, see love, love life, and EXPAND love.

All of the stuff of life that doesn’t align with those ^^^ can be let go of. Yes there is suffering in the world. Yes there is terrible. Yes sometimes we do have to deal with those and do things that seem unpleasant and awful. And yes, life can be HARD.

There is and always will be relief though … beauty from ashes. When we’ve done what we can, when we help those who need help, when we RELIEVE suffering as we’re able, when we FORGIVE those who need healing, when we see the divine POTENTIAL of every situation, then … THEN! we know love. Then we have developed eyes to see with LOVE as the filter. Then we are fulfilling the point.

It is always about CHOOSING the higher perspective. It is always about living in alignment with our divine potential. It is always about finding the joy, the love for life, the fun, the lightness, the RELIEF! Those feelings are telling us “THIS IS THE WAY TO GO! YES! THE RELIEF IS RELIEVING BECAUSE IT’S MORE YOU THAN YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING.”IMG_20160428_081821

Laugh more. Play more. Enjoy the day more. Be present in what you’re doing and use the time to think, to dream, to imagine the true potential of the earth. Dream BIG! KNOW that the potential of your life is always more joy, more love, expanding beauty. Seek out ways to RELIEVE suffering in the world and then FEEL the joy that comes in sharing unity with others. You are not in this alone … you have me, and you have all of the rest of us too. We are in this together and as we SHARE in the lightness of life, we WILL expand our existence into healing, and love and joyful experiences.

I am learning this. I am learning to lighten up, to have fun, to play with my kids when I “should” be doing more “important” things, to look at them coming into my office when I’m writing as an opportunity to take a quick break and tickle them and kiss their “owies” and to watch as they look at the world with wonder and awe. I can learn SO much from these kids.

Look for ways in your life to expand your joy. As you look you will find them and they will stand out as a beacon and you will realize they were always there you just weren’t looking before. enjoy-life-quote

As I finished my meditation walk yesterday, I was thinking about having more fun and being lighter and focusing on “happy” more often … and as I walked down the hill toward my house 2 hummingbirds chattering and flying so fast, swooped in front of me and darted up into the air, swirling and twirling around each other … they were PLAYING! It was so surprising … I sort of laughed out loud and looked at it as a witness sent to say, “Yes Honor! This is the way!”

I walked down the hill with a light heart, happy thoughts, and a NEW intention to LIVE. To enjoy life, and to chase, with excited anticipation, the joyful expansion I KNOW is just around the corner.

Life is bliss.

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