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85 | I Wear Peace

My oldest daughter turns 16 in a month. 16!! I can hardly believe it’s been that long and at the same time I hardly remember life without her and without the responsibilities and joys of motherhood.

When I was a young mother 16 years ago, I was very worried about how people perceived me. In fact, I cared greatly about what my babies and kids were wearing all the time. I used to think that if my kids were wearing dirty or stained clothes, or an outfit was not matching people would “think” something of me … negative somethings … which had me worrying all the time about things that were out of my control! Of course kids have stained clothes, they’re MESSY! And who wants to buy new stuff all the time when they grow out of a certain size in 6 weeks?!

Yes, I had issues. (Thank you for growth, that’s all I have to say about that)

When my oldest kids entered school I chose their clothes for them. Everyday I would tell them what they could wear to school so they would “look just right.” I didn’t TELL them they needed to look just right, but my actions of choosing for them told them that. It was a REAL thing for me – I truly believed it mattered. 08179bf0c1b35fac2070b88513a4b329

Maybe that belief came from growing up with “church clothes” and having to wear our “Sunday best” for God? We had to look just right to go to church to “show” God that we cared and that we respected Him and His house. I guess I sort of see the message in that … but I also see how it sends the WRONG message too.

I don’t think I was taught to worry about how I looked, especially in terms of clothing, intentionally … I think it was a byproduct of that “Sunday best church clothes” – “You must put your best foot forward” – mentality. It’s something that we’re all taught through our Western culture.

Here’s why I don’t like it … it puts too great of importance on outward appearance.

I don’t personally think God cares about outward appearance. Not at all. I don’t think God cares about what clothes you wear and whether or not you’re matching and your shoes are polished just so and you’re starched and ironed and “presentable.” In fact, I KNOW God doesn’t care about that.338c1a2428656811a5376c55ce67fb06

Do you know what God cares about? How we treat each other. How we talk to ourselves. Who we’re able to serve. How we’re able to bless others. What help we can give. Whether or not we’re connecting to that space saved for God within.

God desires us to turn to that space continually and to KNOW peace.

God cares about what is within us and doesn’t look at what is without at all.

Within is where our energy lies … and that is what connects us to God’s energy. That is where God resides and that is what God is concerned about. Within us is our intention, our desires, our dreams, our TRUE nature. THAT is God’s care, that is the source of all existence’s will … for us to know our true nature.

I believe we pay too much emphasis on what is going on outside of us and neglect what is going on within far too often. We are so concerned with how we look, where we live, what our house looks like, the newest greatest this or that, who does this, who does that, that movie, or that famous person, or this television show, or why that doesn’t look like what I’m doing, why they’re wrong, how to make them do what I think they should do or why those people are crazy …

It’s mind boggling how much we focus on everything outside of us and COMPARING ourselves to others. And you know what?  ALL of that muddles EVERYTHING that matters.focus-on-what-mattersWhat truly matters is YOUR OWN PERSONAL CONNECTION TO GOD. However you picture God, or Source, or Universe … it doesn’t matter. THAT space within you is what matters. Connecting to that space of love and peace is what matters.

And do you know what happens when you truly do that and it is your focus?

Everything else doesn’t matter.

What you wear, what your house looks like, what others think, what someone else is doing with their life, that television show, this newest greatest thing I must have, how I look different than her, and how she looks different than everyone and how strange they are and how they look unfamiliar and that means they’re wrong … none of it means anything because you realize that the only thing that means anything at all is within and you are connected to that continually.

What matters is how I treat people. What matters is how I influence the world. What matters is that I love and spread love. What matters is that I “walk with God” in every forward step knowing that as I do that I am meeting and aligning to my divine potential. Peace, joy, love, unity, connection …

That is what matters. Why-Compare-Yourself-With-Others

My kids dress themselves now. I haven’t worried or even thought about that for ages. Frequently we’ll go out of the house and I look at the 4 year old’s outfit and shrug my shoulders and think, “well, she’s unique and she’s got THAT going for her.” People might look and think things and that seems reasonable to me … that people would judge others based upon their own life. It is the way it is. I’m fine with that.

I wear things out of the house I never would have before because now, regardless of how others see me, I realize it doesn’t matter. So if I need to run to the store in sweats, no makeup, and flip flops because I’m trying to hurry? Ok. I’m going to do that. And I’m not going to worry about someone judging me or potentially thinking it’s terrible and lazy and whatever else people like to throw around as judgment words. I don’t care. Judge me, don’t judge me, it doesn’t define me either way. I’m good.

I am defined by my energy and that is determined within me.

I am defined by how I treat people and what I DO, not what I look like.

I am defined by the influence I have in the lives of those around me and not by what others see briefly as they get a limited glimpse of my life.

The definition of ME is determined by MY OWN perception and that perception is shaped and fashioned after my TRUE nature … I know that I am divine. I know that I am beautiful. I know that I am valuable. I know that I am happy. I know that I know peace.

All else matters not. I know God, I have connected to that space within, and we’re good so it’s all good. the perception that others are better, stronger, or wiser than you are, is born of the false perception

I see all others in the way I see myself. The way I perceive ME is the way I perceive the world.

You are divine. You are beautiful. You are valuable. You have the ability to be happy and to know peace. I KNOW these are truth because they’re truth for me and we are connected so they’re truth for you as well.

Your value doesn’t lie in how others perceive you, your value lies in the atoms of the cells of the energy of your soul. It is and always will be what is important. You are who you THINK you are, so find that space within you, connect to it and RECEIVE the truth of who you are.

It is not up for question, it is not debatable, it is unchangeable … you are YOU. God created you as you are and that divine nature is within you regardless of what anyone outside of you sees. Believe it. Know it. Connect to it and in doing that you will be free … free from bondage, judgment, and any burden at all. With God within, what can you NOT do?!I AM WHO

There is only pure potential and it is ALL yours.

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