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84 | My Run With God

The weather has been so nice here this spring. Which is interesting just because it’s Washington State and spring is usually pretty chilly and rainy … our grass is dying because it’s been so dry and it was over 80 degrees yesterday. I’m not complaining at all – I love the nice weather, although poor grass. It makes me want to get outside ALL of the time and just stand there like a tree facing the sun.Strength2I ran 4 1/2 miles this morning … the sun was shining and it was awesome. I felt so much energy and just JOY from that run.

I have NEVER been a runner in the past, but I am shifting into being one. Today as I ran I knew that my thoughts would determine if it was really hard or if it was ok. My last run, 2 days ago, was NOT great … I was so focused on my knee pain that I was limping the next day, still focusing on the pain, so today, I knew I needed to shift my focus into a different spot. I was sort of planning on a miracle to get me through the run.

So as I ran today, I imagined each step I took, each time my foot landed on the ground, I pictured it landing on a cloud or in “Universe” space and as I stepped down on the sidewalk I pictured the enveloping arms of God catching me. It sounds cheesy, but that visualization put me into a mental state of FLOW and the run was awesome. My knees didn’t hurt, my lungs didn’t burn, my hips carried me easily … it WAS a miracle.

By the end of my run, I was in such a state of peace and flow that I was simultaneously wanting to cry in humble awe and laugh in joyful expansion because of how big and how great and how awesome our God is. The Universe has got my back and I witnessed that this morning as I ran.

The ONLY possible response is gratitude and

I don’t know all things, but this I do know … that I can do ANYTHING. Today I received a witness to that truth and it floored me at the strength and loving forcefulness of that witness. I had previously thought I could do all things … or maybe I believed it, but today I have knowledge. Today my understanding EXPANDED. Today I have grown.

As I put one foot in front of the other to run, I knew that picturing the Universe catching me with every step and knowing that each step makes me stronger, each step gets easier, each step is lighter, each step is closer to my divine potential … every single step is an action on FAITH that God will be there to ease my burden and lighten my load as I move forward. And as I keep moving forward continually with that belief, I am met with ease, lightness, joy, and love. Limitlessly. Every new step is added strength and greater ease. Every inch is growth and alignment to divine potential.

As I ran my vision was expanded to see myself aligning with my DIVINE self … each step I took forward in faith was a step INTO who I am meant to be and the lightness and ease came BECAUSE it is there waiting for me to step into it.

I could actually SEE this space open up on the ground in front of me in a line … almost like I was stepping into a hole in the sidewalk and that hole was just open space … stars, planets, universal existence. As I stepped into that it was literally me, stepping into the flow, and THAT space? That space of flow and energy? That is where the ease is. That is where the lightness is. That is where the “lifting up” comes.

In THAT space, that flow and Universal God Energy space … the only possibility is that I’ll succeed at my goal as I keep moving forward. The ONLY potential is for lightness, ease, and joyful expansion. If I keep moving forward and stay within that space I will accomplish whatever I set out to accomplish because I am “walking with God” in that space.

Literally. Inner-Strength-Quotes.-Go-within-every-day-and-find-the-inner-strength-so-that-the-world-will-not-blow-your-candle-out

This hit me like a ton of bricks this morning … or maybe it was like a ton of feathers … either way, it hit me hard, but in a beautiful joyful, laugh at the sky kind of way.

I finally get what the scripture means that says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I get it. In that space? That “Christ, God, Universe, Existence, Flow” space? Everything is possible. Everything is light and easy and joyful and amazing and fruitful and successful and abundant. It is it the only possibility there.l_24721570-9ad3-11e1-b2d6-ddf7fde00004

So my “job” then is to just keep moving forward, KNOWING that each step I take in forward motion is an act in faith that God will catch me, that the Universe has got my back, and that I will be lovingly enveloped in the arms of existence and buoyed up with every forward motion.

Every step I take makes me stronger. Every step I take is easier. Every step I take I am lighter. Every step I take is more joyful than the last … in God, ALL things are possible. With the entire Universe of existence carrying me, what can I NOT do?!

I can do all things BECAUSE I am not alone and I have ALL of existence behind me.There-is-nothing-impossible-to-him-who-will-try-doing-the-impossible-quotes

I got home from my miraculous run and I felt this lightness and joy that I hadn’t known before. I stretched, dressed the littles ones, and we went to the park. We played. We felt the sun on our skin and I watched my kids having fun and I just couldn’t keep the smile from my face.

This is a good day. My “run with God” filled me up and I am better because of it. I can’t wait for my run on Saturday … and THAT is miraculous indeed.

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