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98 | Enjoy the Joy

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Do you know what I love about having kids? It’s fun. And funny. I think it adds a lightness to life that I really love. Yeah, there are NOT fun and NOT funny things too, but the fun outweighs the other in my opinion. (well … at least the fun is more memorable and interesting).

Last night we were all sitting on our king sized bed just talking and laughing and it was WAY past bedtime, but the girls were giggling and joking about something and I just thought, “I love this. This is awesome.”

I seriously think we (and by saying “we” I mean “me” of course … this is my perspective I’m speaking from) get so serious about life and about all the things we need to do that we forget how to have fun and we forget that ENJOYING life should be one of our biggest focuses.


“Men are that they might have joy” is what I learned growing up. I learned that God created us to grow in joy and love. That is our purpose. Wouldn’t it be too bad if we spent so much time worrying and stressing and running around in our lives that we didn’t even know joy? If we exist to expand in JOY then it’s sort of important to ENJOY the life we have and the experiences in our lives that fill us with lightness and love. We were created for this purpose.

We were not created to suffer. We were not created to run around in busyness and never breath deeply of the love that abounds all around us. We were not created to treat each other like strangers and to have our heads in our devices. We were not created to just go to work until we’re 70 and then to prepare to die.

We were created to LOVE! We were created to expand JOY in the world around us. We were created to appreciate and enjoy the world that is full of beauty and awe inspiring miraculous sights. God, Universe, Existence, the source of all that is IS love. That is the nature of that which created us. And creation is expansion of oneself … God expanded to create each of us and it was an expansion of love.

We are each love too. That is OUR nature.


Our existence is wholly and fully wrapped up in love, joy, and unity and we expand and grow and CREATE when we focus on those things.

I think it is so important to focus on what fills you with joy. Joy is unique to you and what fills you with that pure energy will be as unique as you are. Find your joy and embrace it. As you embrace it, focus on it, and love it – it will grow, it will expand, and you will find NEW ways to CREATE greater joy.

We are here for THIS purpose. This is why we exist. We are creations with the ability to create as we were created. And because we are, we are exactly as the one who created us. And because that is truth, we create through expanding ourselves.

If the one who created us is love, and we were created IN love, through expanding love … then that tells me that we are also love, and we create through expanding love.

What does expansion of love look like?

It is unique to each person, but it is what your heart calls for. What fills you with joy? Do that. What do you love? Find that. Focus on those in your life that you can connect with and embrace the unity. Find the love for the world around you and enjoy those things that spark awe and wonder in your heart. Fill others with love through giving them what they need and see that in filling others you too are filled.

When you have that moment of joy where your heart is bursting and the love in that moment overflows? THAT is the energy that you should embrace, focus on, and seek to expand. In that space you will find God. In that space is the energy of existence and it is in that space that we are all one.


Look for ways to expand the lightness in your life. In ANY moment if you feel that “love for life” spot … breathe it in, EMBRACE it, focus on it and truly love it. It is in THAT spot that life takes on a new brilliance and things become easier and the flow of life is joyfully before you taking you to greater joys and expanded love and peace.

Sing in the shower. Dance as you do the dishes. Giggle on your bed with your kids after bedtime just because you can. Take dates with your loved ones. Hike new spots and enjoy the view. Listen to music you love. Give joy to others and find the joy that comes through giving. Laugh, love, breathe in the lightness that is available when we stop taking things so seriously and try to enjoy life more. We are here to have fun and to joy so HAVE IT!

In the joy you will find freedom. You will have peace. And you will see what “men are that they might have joy” truly means and you will smile to the sky and thank all of existence for the beauty of that truth.

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