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Screenshot_2016-02-17-07-59-27-1Light, love, unity, joy, clarity, shining, brilliant, radiant, unobscured, bliss, comfort, delight, gladness, rejoicing, peace, harmony, oneness, singleness, union, freedom, appreciation, respect, God, Christ (or any other specific name for God), universe, energy, almighty, creator, divinity, holiness, Lord, power, soul, spirit, infinite, eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, limitless, intuition, internal guidance system, inspiration, holy spirit, everlasting, heavenly, celestial, immortal, enduring, omnipotent, beautiful, hallowed, inspiration, sacred, superlative …

There are MANY names, words, adjectives, and symbols we use to describe things.  Look at how many I came up with, in only a minute or so to describe the source of all existence … you could use any of those words and it would be appropriate.  In fact, I would consider them interchangeable.

If I say “follow the light” … it means to follow that space within you that you feel is guiding you.  Each of us has a different definition or word or symbol we equate the light with.  Some equate that to Christ, some equate it to the universe, some call it their intuition.  The name you use isn’t as important as the connection you have to it.  The words we use are all symbols anyway.  The energy that makes up all of existence, the source of all being, is bigger and broader and greater than words can express.  It is limitless in nature.  Words limit and are inadequate to describe the God or the universe or 94251daea9bbf8edba6262d02c2b9909the source of all energy within all of existence.

Thoughts and intention create our “frequency” or “vibration” … and as all things are energy, they (thought and intention) are the more pure form of “communication” to God or the universe.  What I think and what I intend are who I really am, not what I say.  That’s why the scriptures say to watch your thoughts, and that to think something is as if you did it.

So my thoughts and intention “communicates” to God what I am.  My frequency or vibration … my energy, is who I am.  And then as I think things, and form beliefs, I connect those to words.  But words are degraded from thought … which is why they are sometimes inadequate and confuse and mislead and are open to misperception.

Then, what any of us is doing, at any point, is trying to connect what we are feeling and what we believe with a word to describe that, and the word we use is based upon our life experiences and what we’re exposed to.

If you believe that there is a Father God in heaven and that His son Jesus Christ is your salvation, that is good.  That is beautiful.  Please follow the light that is Christ and connect to Him fully and use His life as a teacher to help you be who you are meant to be.  He DOES save.  Absolutely.

If you believe that the Universe is guiding you and the source energy is within you and that that light helps you to become who you are meant to become, please, follow that light.  It is beautiful.  It is guiding you to your true divine potential and you should feel joy in that.

If you believe in Buddha, or a particular saint, or just in your truest best self and that your intuition will hScreenshot_2016-02-17-08-05-04-1elp you be a kind loving person … please, follow that light within you.  Connect to your source of light and let it teach you and guide you and help you become love.

Do you realize that almost all people are doing and feeling the same things?  We use many different words,
but our intentions are the same.

Do you think a limitless energy, all knowing, all loving, unconditionally (without condition) loving, God/the universe/the source of all that exists/love and joy, cares what words (symbols) you use to become your truest divine self?

Don’t you think that maybe that beautiful energy just desires all to connect, in whatever way works for each individual, based upon life experiences and exposure to certain things, and if we’re connecting to that guiding light within, that is joyful?  Don’t you trust, or have faith, in that God energy to guide each person perfectly in a divinely designed way?  Believing that you must thrust your words on another and judge them when you have no idea how God is guiding them is … (insert a word here that I don’t have)

I know many different ways to describe the guiding light within, and no matter which words I use, the light is the same.  It feels the same, it inspires the same, it leads me to love the same.  The words are SYNONYMS.  Light = love = energy = God = universe etc.  The specific word you use matters very little … THAT you follow the light within is the important part. It WILL guide you truly to your divine potential.  Believe that!

Can you recognize that space within you that is guiding you?  Do you listen to it?  Do you feel inspired to be a kinder more loving person?  Do you have a desire to do good continually, to help, to serve, to love, to lift, to relieve burden … THESE are the things that you should follow.  These are the things that God would tell you to do.  These are the things the universe inspires you to do.  These are the things that your intuition desires you to do.  These are ALL the light.  All of them.  They lead you to the same potential.

Each of us has a true divine potential and it’s that person who we “become” when we see the world with love and act upon that.

I think so many of us focus on what we know as familiar and believe that it’s the ONLY way, it’s the RIGHT way, it’s the NECESSARY way … and we don’t realize that we’re using our familiar words as ways to separate.  We pass judgment on others because their words aren’t the same as our words.  We see in such a tiny limited perspective we don’t realize that our experience is unique, and no other person’s will be exactly the same.

Believing that we each desire to follow the light and to serve and love and do “good” is a beautiful way to see the world.  I think most humans desire those things.  Using our individual life experiences to judge others because their life doesn’t look like our life promotes separation and not love.  God is not separation.  God is love and unity.  Embracing separation of any kind is the opposite of what unity calls for.Screenshot_2016-02-17-08-17-59-1

Instead if we focus on the intent of the heart … what is the intent?   To spread love?  To follow light?  To give service, and embrace unity and to share in burden and to relieve suffering?   These ARE God!  THESE are unity!  These are LIGHT!  These are Christ!  These are joy!  These are beautiful universal truths.

If you’re so very caught up in the symbols, the words, then you miss out on the beauty that surrounds you.  You overlook the intent of the heart and substitute your definition of rightness based upon your words … words mean nothing.

What is in the heart is important.  What is in the heart is truth.

Focus on the heart.  Feed the heart.  Heal the heart and then the unity will abound, and love will be the vibration, and healing will be known.  This is God’s way.  This is the universal truth we’re all seeking.  Unity in love.  Embrace unity, embrace light and KNOW peace through those.

And recognize that within all of humanity, each of us just seeks love … God is love.  How you describe that energy doesn’t matter, that you connect to it and spread it is everything.

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