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il_570xN.383927748_dhecIsn’t life weird and amazing?  Do you ever look at where you are today, this moment, and think, “how did I get here?”  You know that feeling of what you expected your life to do, and then it didn’t do that at ALL, but you’re so very glad you’re where you are and you just feel grateful?

I think if I look back to, say 10 years ago, the “me” that lived then didn’t have a very good imagination.  She didn’t dream big.  She didn’t expect miracles. She didn’t even really expect amazing things or understand that they’re possible and SHOULD be expected!  She diExpect-Miraclesdn’t look at her life and imagine to create a more beautiful, more fulfilling, more joyful, more peace filled existence.  She didn’t even know that was possible.  She lived.  She did what she thought people were supposed do.  She was happy, but she didn’t even know or understand the level of joy and peace that was inviting her and waiting for her to accept it into her life.

Today I examine my life every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep.  I do sort of a “gratitude tracker” and just say “thank you” to God and the universe for this beautiful experience that life is.  Miracles are everywhere when you begin looking for them!  And they fill you with this gratitude that spills out of you.

I grew up reading about miracles, and learning that they are real, but in my perception, they were these abstract things that happened on occasion to other people, or in scriptures.  They were big.  They were the exception, not the norm.  Most people didn’t have them in theirShoot life, didn’t see them, didn’t experience or expect them most of the time.

Today I see life completely differently.  Today I see miracles every day.  I EXPECT them!  Life is beautiful and there is SO much that is miraculous and just plain amazing.

I shoot for the stars in my life now, not just for the “ok.”  I believe in an ever increasing progression of joy and love and that it grows and gets greater and brighter and more lovely and beautiful every moment.  I EXPECT that.  It is the way!

I now understand my purpose … to have JOY (“men are that they might have joy”) and to share that joy with the world.  What could be a better way to live than to inspire others, to spread love, to expect miracles and to see them and share them?!  There isn’t one, THIS is the reason we’re here; to find what sparks joy in us, that unique thing that fills us with fire and love and purpose and then to share it with the world.purpose-of-life

Find your joy and then share it!  Spread love wherever you go and see the miracles that take place because of your expectation of them.  Faith and belief allow them to be seen.

Truly believe!  They are real and they are amazing to behold and you will NOT be silent when you see the joyful expression of true living.  It is purposeful and it is meant to be shared and it brings a tremendous sense of peace and well being and just … gratitude.

Every moment there is something to be grateful for.  If you don’t see the miraculous nature of life you should start looking, because the miraculous is everywhere.

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