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Twenty. Create Balance.


This is my calendar to help me stay motivated. I will color in a heart as each day is complete. I do love hearts after all.

I am starting a new thing!  I am doing a “create balance” 90 day project.  It’s just something that I’ve created for myself to help in my personal desire to be more balanced in my life.

Each day I have a list of things that I want to accomplish that I know will be positive influences for me.  Things like meditating for 30 minutes in the morning and evening, saying 10 positive affirmations to myself in the mirror in the morning and evening (I made a sign for the bathroom mirror!), studying my “personal development/spiritual development” stuff, exercise and water intake, etc.

These are things that are positive influences in my life to help me keep my focus on higher and more positive things.  They are “frequency” raisers.  They are thought up-lifters.  These are things I’ve been inspired to include in my life to help me stay focused on love and joy and gratitude, and for my greatest potential of health and wellness.

I’ve been doing many of them for a while.  I am a list person, and I’ve made several lists over the past few months that have included many of the things I’ve put on my “create balance schedule.” So it’s not a huge change or shift, just a better focus on the balance, balance-quoteand keeping myself accountable.

I have put a “disclaimer” on the bottom of my calendar and it says:

For these 90 days I will focus on my “create balance” goals.  I will complete all of my goals each day.  The days that I’m not able to, I will not worry about it.  Balance is key and sometimes the day will unfold differently than expected.  That’s ok!  I will do my best and it will be enough.  As I do my part and feel joy in the creation of balance, the universe/God will do the rest.

It’s so important to recognize that things don’t always go as planned and sometimes we need to shift our expectations to be more realistic in any given day … if a kid is sick and I spend my day taking care of her?  That’s the PERFECT use for that day and it is exactly what I should be doing.

Choosing to have a list of things that help create balance is good and sticking to the list to create a habit of balance is right!  But being so married to the list that it makes stress or worry is not the point, the point is greater peace and greater joy and more balance.  So the days that it doesn’t flow?  Ok.  There will be those days and the next day I canBeautiful Quotes 26 refocus on the things that create balance for me.  And I will not feel bad and I will not worry, I will continue to feel peace knowing that I am doing my part.

We each have to CREATE balance in our life.  We can’t expect it to just happen, we have to make a conscious effort to find the things that fill our life with balance and peace and then do them consistently.

We’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to create a habit.  And so if we focus on a pattern, or a “schedule” or a list of things we are inspired to do to create a balanced life, and we make a consistent effort to do those things daily for a specific length of time, we will soon see that after some time it’s not an effort anymore, it’s not something you have to look at the list and do, it becomes easy, and it becomes just the natural way of living.

It’s consciously CHOOSING to create.  Consciously choosing balance.  Consciously choosing to focus on those things that bring peace and grounding to your life.

Your list of things will look different than mine.  We’re each unique!  We each have our OWN list of things that ground us and help us find that unique balance.  It’s really peHarmony-Singing-Note-Doug-Floyd-Quote.pngrfectly designed.

As I made my list yesterday, and my calendar of days from today until May, I felt this excited expectation of doing this thing.  I can’t imagine it not having a beautifully positive impact on my life, but let’s say for the sake of argument, that it doesn’t.  That at the end of 90 days I see that the things I’ve been doing are NOT fruitful in a good and positive way.

That’s amazing!  Do you know what that’s done then?  It’s helped me see what DOESN’T work for me and allowed me the opportunity to see it bear negative fruit in my life.  I am then more able to clearly define what DOES work for me by knowing the things that are on the list of “these don’t work for Honor.”  I can then go in the OTHER direction toward the things that DO work for Honor.

Let’s face it, we could all just live and go about not consciously choosing to make positive change and just be. If you want to do that, go for it.  But I have seen beautiful positive GOOD fruit come from consciously choosing to CREATE change in my life.  Some of the things I’ve done didn’t bear good fruit, and I let them go.  The ones that have born beautiful fruit I’ve kept and then KNOW, by the fruit, which is the witness of its usefulness for me, that they are for me and help me feel balanced and at peace.

I keep the things that embrace positive love and peace in my life, and I let go of the things that aren’t helpful, aren’t loving, and aren’t fruitful in a peace and miracle seeing way.58391-We-Are-What-We-Repeatedly-Do

It’s a diving design that is so perfect and so awesome.  Each person can perfectly define and embrace their unique “list” of things that help them grow and become more loving and bring peace into their life.  And the things that don’t bring peace and that promote judgement and separation, anxiety, worry, fear, etc. … these are the things in your life that you should let go of.  Don’t focus on those.  Focus only on what brings you peace and fills you with light and love.  And do not allow anyone else to tell you what those are.  They have no idea what is within you and what you need for your unique progression and growth.

Your “internal guidance system” is yours.  It is unique.  It is divinely designed.  It is for YOU and you should embrace that space within  you.  Have confidence in your ability to know what’s right for you.  And don’t compare it to anyone else.  Comparison is the thief of joy right?  It is poison.  It is bad fruit.  It is not helpful and does not do anything but steal any possibility of connecting to your unique divinely designed role.

I am extumblr_n1rnc80UB81qkw14qo1_1280cited to see how my “create balance for 90 days” changes my life.  I expect to see even more miracles and witness more love and more joy.  And at this point, I can’t imagine more joy than I know now, but I know it’s ever increasing and it grows and expands and is beautiful.

The limitless nature of God and the universe is available for ALL to know and to partake of.  Believe that it is and choose to create a flow in your life of beauty and joy and love and you will begin to understand that there is not a limit to what you can receive and it is inviting ALL to receive.

The only thing you have to do is be open and allow it in, and then make way for the miracles.

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