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Forty Six. Little Changes.

bright_sunshine_by_marissaangell-d55k923The sun is brilliantly shining this morning.  It is SO bright!  I live in Washington State … it’s gray here a lot!  There are frequently cloudy drizzly days.  Sometimes when the sun comes out in all its glory it’s so stinking bright!  We like to joke about it, shielding our eyes and saying “what IS that bright ball of fire in the sky?  It burns!”  🙂  We are, obviously ALWAYS grateful when the sun comes out and it is glorious to behold.  But yeah, my eyes need to adjust.

Positive changes in life are like that.  They take time to transition into.  And sometimes they’re uncomfortable at first, not because they’re not good for us, but because they’re different.  Different is always awkward at first.  It’s unfamiliar.  It’s “new” territory. 

Even when we know the changes are needed, are good, are called for, will be exactly what we desire … they still take time to adjust to.

thIt’s like creating a new habit.  Let’s say I eat too much sugar.  Let’s say I am addicted to eating sweet things (this is an easy one for me to describe because at one point I was TOTALLY addicted to sugar).  I know that it’s not good for me.  I know that my body will run more smoothly and efficiently and I will FEEL better if I stop eating sugar.  But I am really used to eating a lot of sweet stuff.  So I kind of feel like I NEED it, even though, logically I know I don’t need it.

So, because I’m smart and want to be healthy, I decide to stop eating sugar and to eat healthier things that will fuel my body in a better way.  I know that there will be a period of time that is awkward, uncomfortable, even maybe painful for me while my body still craves the sugar.  I have to keep in mind that I am doing this to be healthier, and that reaction is NOT because sugar is what my body really needs … that reaction is just the awkwardness in the new spot of not partaking of that much sugar anymore.  It is the shifting and transition.  The “detox.”

And so I stick it out.  I hold true to my goal … healthier nourishment intake … and doa-dream-becomes-a-goal-when-action-is-taken-towards-its-achievement-inspirational-quoten’t allow the uncomfortableness of the “new” place to dissuade me from that goal.  It is hard at first.  It gets easier and less hard pretty quickly.  Pretty soon I realize how much better I feel.   I see that the NEW habit, the NEW way of thinking IS actually healthier and I feel amazing.  So I get witnesses of the positive changes actually being positive for me, and that makes the transition easier and quicker too.   I am SO glad I got through that awkwardness and kept to my goal of the healthier lifestyle I desired.

So apply this principle to ANY positive change you desire to make.  It is the same no matter the change … it will take getting used to.

I often think about how knowledge comes … Those moments that something just “clicks” and you KNOW … it’s easy.  But then applying that knowledge to your life can sometimes be a littLittle-by-little-a-little-becomes-a-lot.-Tanzanian-Proverble trickier … and that’s because it’s awkward and new.  And you don’t know how to work within that new place yet.  But the more you stick to it, the more you hold that knowledge and desire, to positively change in your mind and make choices that keep that goal, that new knowledge, that positive change in view, it will become easier and easier.

Pretty soon, you’re living a new way.  You’ve positively changed some aspect of your life, consciously through little choices that aligned with your goal.  Soon those little choices fade away and aren’t choices anymore, they’re just the way you think.

It’s a drop by drop process and it’s really pretty awesome if you look at it.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  You don’t have to know it all today.  Today you only have to make the choices that align with your desired outcome … your goal … your truth.  And all the big things you think you can’t do?  Don’t look at them.  Look at today and what you CAN do.  Little by little the choices you make today will become easier and as they align with what your goal is, you will see in no time that you are living your truth.  You are reaching your goal.  You ARE doing it!!

My kids frequently make big messes.  Big gigantic messes.  And when it’s time to clean them up they’re like mountains to those kids.  They have no idea how to even go about STARTING to clean a gigantic mess such as that.Little-by-little

I always tell them to do one tiny portion and only do that and when they’re done with that to come and tell me.  So maybe they’ll pick up all the books.  Only the books.  And then when they’ve picked up and put away all the books, I tell them to pick up all the dirty clothes.  Only the dirty clothes.  And eventually, a zillion hours later, because let’s face it, they’re kids and they’re slow and they mess around … but they DO get it done.  Usually.  🙂  This is the best way though to help it become more manageable.

When you look at the whole huge thing it’s impossible.  It’s daunting.  It’s so hard to imagine how to even start.  So don’t do that!  Take one tiny portion, the little bit that you can see how to maybe accomplish and ONLY DO THAT.  Just that.

Little by little big things are accomplished … through small means GREAT things are brought to pass.

I have used this principle and brought so much beauty and positive light into my life.  And 6663198c31e9121473a5316be2e836b3I continue to work toward my goals, my dreams, my truth.  As I make choices, today, in this moment that align with those goals I know that I am doing the only thing I ever can to accomplish those goals. I am doing now.  And I am making the choices now, that fit into what I desire.

That’s all I can do.  That’s all you can do.  Live today the best that you can and you will know that your tomorrow will be bright and beautiful and be exactly what you want it to be because today you are doing what you can.  Today you are making the choices that fit into your desired goal.  Today you are choosing to create your tomorrow.  The little choices today affect tomorrow … so look at today and make the most of it.

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