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Forty Seven. Parties and Joy.

SlumberParty2My daughter turns 9 on Easter Sunday.  We are having a slumber party for her tonight!  She has been talking about it, with single focus, for weeks.  Occasionally I get a little tired of answering her myriad of questions about all of the things … but generally I love her enthusiasm.

This morning she said, “Mom, I’m so excited” and just looked so happy and thrilled.  I had to smile at her joy.  I know she was expressing her excitement but also her appreciation for getting to do this fun thing.  Simple things done in love for someone you love brings so much joy.  You should have seen her face when she saw the decorations I put up yesterday.  Magic was in her eyes.  It’s so fun to watch kids experience things and to help them embrace the beauty and fun of life. 

As a mother I have learned that doing things because I love my kids, things I know they’ll appreciate just becaLBG2015-JOY IN THE JOURNEY HO-02use I know they’ll appreciate them, are so fulfilling.  I can say that I know what the phrase, “their joy is my joy” means.  It’s truth.  I receive so much pure joy from watching them experience life and seeing the wonder in new things.

Being a parent is so hard.  So so hard.  Some days I’m so overwhelmed it’s ridiculous.  But I love it.  I really can’t imagine my life without any of these 7 kids.  I know it’s a lot to deal with … sometimes I think it’s too much, but I can’t fathom NOT having them.  They’re each so much a part of me and my world that the connection we share is greater and more important than any tiny thing I might lose from having so many (like sleep, quiet, alone time, travelling, money, etc.). None of those things mattemother-teresa-joy-quote-free-printabler more than the joy and fulfillment I receive through my children.

Whatever it is in life that brings you pure joy and true fulfillment … embrace it.  Cherish it.  See it and appreciate and really LOVE it every moment you are blessed to partake of its beauty.  It is in your life for a reason.  The joy and fulfillment are there for a reason.  See them as gifts and just love and FEEL the joy.

I intend to soak in this “turning 9” moment for my daughter #4.  She is so unique and I am grateful I will get to see the world through her eyes as she continues to grow and experience life.  It’s truly a joy to me.  And that’s what life is about.

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