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Forty Eight. Easter.

christian-quote-6lYesterday was Easter (my daughter’s birthday as well!!).  We had a nice quiet day of family fun, good food, too much candy, and togetherness.  It was perfect.  As I sat eating dinner, just surveying the scene, I felt so much love and gratitude in that moment.  I have a life full of love, people that care about me, a home that meets our needs that I enjoy, delicious food on my plate for every meal … I see an abundance of all good beautiful things present in my life.

I truly have everything.

I’m still a little under the weather, 2 weeks later.  I’m coughing constantly and continue to need tissues like there’s no tomorrow … I have things in life that I could focus on and feel terrible about … I see the state of the world and I acknowledge there is so much that is broken and poisonous to the earth and to us who live here … I see.  But I can’t change those things today and focusing on them just steals the peace that is available to me in this moment.

And so I guess I’ve just made a choice to be present in the moment I’m in, and focus onlaw-of-attraction-affirmations what’s in front me … and the stuff about this moment I dislike?  I’m not going to focus on it.  I see that it’s there, I deal with it when I need to, and mostly I choose to look at and focus on what I DO love about this moment.

I am a huge believer in the law of attraction, like for like, what you give you get back, etc.  I know this is truth.  I have experienced it enough in my life, have received witness after witness of its truthfulness, that the only thing for me to do now, is to just know that it’s a universal law and operate within it.  And so, I see that as I focus on love for life, I see more things about life that I love.  As I focus on healing in any moment I’m in and in any situation I’m able to give healing, I see more healing in my own life.  As I choose to give, embrace and expand the love I have, I see more love everywhere.  And as I choose to breathe in peace and hold on to that peace and to always focus on the peace?  Peace is present in my life.

Yes there are thingSocratesBuildingTheNews about life and the world that really truly suck.  They’re terrible.  They are unacceptable and make my heart hurt.  I don’t think that fighting and raging against them helps the situation in any way.  I think that only accomplishes more anger and fear energy being put out into the world, and that is the opposite of what I want.

If what I want is peace, and healing, and love to abound?  Then the only thing I can do to accomplish that is to see peace, focus on healing and to spread love.  At every opportunity I’m able, I offer peace.  In every situation I can I spread and expand love.  And for every hurt heart I’m able to help and influence, I offer healing.  Every time.  That is THE way to bring about change.  Not on fighting the old way, but on building and embracing a NEW way.

I appreciate that Easter and the start of spring is a witness of NEW birth, NEW life, and a renewal opportunity.  I see this time as a lovely moment to shed the old way and bring in a new healing love filled way.  And so I choose today, this moment, to focus on all that is good and whole and beautiful in this world.  I choose to talk about it, to focus on it, to live within it, to EXPAND it as much and as often as I am able.  THAT is how I heal the world.  That is how I bring renewal and that is how I honor this moment, this Easter spring moment of resurrection and life.

It is THE way to bring peace into a world full of strife.  Focus on the peace and it will come.  If we all choose to use this time to bring in a NEW energy into the world, the atmosphere of the world WILL change.  It is a law … like for like … when more of us 3-31choose peace and expand the love energy that is so beautiful, that energy will become the way.

And so I am going to do that in my life.  And I know that as I do, it will influence, in positive ways, those around me.  Even if it’s just my kids … that is 7 people influenced by love and healing.  And if each of my 7 kids goes out into the world with love in their hearts and offers healing to all they’re able to … that ripple effect will literally change the world.  Person by person.

What a beautiful day this is today.  I see it, and I intend to spread the love.

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