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Fifty Three. Free To Be.


I love Saturdays.  They’re so easy and relaxing and fun.  I love that the kids wake up and their dad is home … usually he’s already at work when everyone gets up.  I love that we can use the day to do errands, or clean, or laundry, or just play and explore and adventure! I love that the possibilities for the day are ENDLESS and we can do whatever we want to!  It feels like freedom.

Definition of freedom:  1 :  the quality or state of being free: as : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous <freedom from care> : ease.

Freedom feels light and healthy; like breathing fresh air after being confined in a place with stale hot recirculated air.  It feels like stretching your body after being cooped up in a car for 15 hoCute-freedom-quote-with-arturs.  It feels like eating fresh fruits and vegetables after a “candy only” diet.  It feels like warmth from the sun after a winter of cold.  I am grateful that I am free to choose my day, and not only my day, but my week, and my month, my year, and my life.

Even when I have “obligations” it doesn’t take away the freedom I enjoy because I get to choose what I think about in whatever I’m doing!  If I’m standing in a super long line at Costco, I can enjoy that moment and just be present there and grateful I’m able to buy what I need and that I’m alive and breathing.  The length of the line and the amount of time it takes doesn’t matter at all because every moment I’m present and able to just be, I am free.

There’s something amazing about owning individuality.  I love that I’m able to fully be ME and to express myself without worry or fear … not that anything has changed outside of me to get to this spot … but my THOUGHTS have changed.  My placement of worry and fear onto life is no longer there and so that negative energy has melted away into beautiful peace.  I see now that there is more freedom and peace in accepting who I am and only portraying that, than any other way of being.

Freedom resides in MY choices, MY thoughts, MY feelings.  It does not come from another, quote freedomit does not come from outside of me, it does not come because of my physical circumstances.  Freedom exists because I am able to fully just be me … and whatever “consequences” come from that, let them be.  I am this and I will continue to be this and THAT is freedom.

I don’t feel freedom because I live in a place that “touts” freedom for all … we all live here.  We see what is truth and if I attached my feeling of freedom on living here, I would NOT feel free.

I feel freedom in the fact that I am able to choose my beliefs.  I feel freedom in the knowledge that whatever happens outside of me, no one can steal the inner peace that comes from within.  I know freedom because I choose to see it in the breath that I take and in the steps that I walk and in the energy that exists in and around and through me.

I see that freedom exists not in the worldly circumstances around me … because freedom isn’t there … but freedom exists in the other worldly, higher, spiritual, more pure true existence that I am a part of.  I choose to see and look at my existence as part of something voltare-quotebigger, a more unified whole existence.  It’s greater than politics, it’s bigger than government, it’s more true than anything that is of this world.

The freedom I know is in THAT place … that higher, purer, cleaner, clearer, lovelier, more love filled place.  It is there and I see it and I feel it and I know it.

Freedom exists within me, and I choose to see it and embrace it and expand only THAT place.  And it is EVER increasing.

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