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Fifty Seven. I Have a Secret.


Did you grow up imagining what “heaven” looks like?  

I would picture it as this place where I lived before I was born on earth and where I will go when I die. I imagined it to be a place that is beautiful and perfect. Rolling green hills, always sunny, perfectly warm. There is only happiness and peace there. There is a continual state of joy and everyone is in harmony with existence. People help each other. People love each other. People feel valued and understand their worth. There isn’t fear, pain, depression, anxiety, stress, worry, shame, guilt, regret, poverty, abuse, distress of any kind … there is only peace, love, and harmony with all.earths-crammed-with-heaven-earth-quote

Heaven looked like this place that was relieving. I imagined it to be a breath of fresh air after holding my breath for a lifetime. I didn’t exactly picture what we would all do there … but I knew it would be awesome and we would love it and it would be eternally joyful.

I have discovered a secret … ready for it? …

Heaven is here, now.

Yep … that’s right. Heaven is (or CAN be) here. I DON’T have to wait to die to experience it. Isn’t that amazing?! And it’s true! I can experience the state of “heavenly bliss” by knowing peace, by spreading love, and by being present.the-kingdom-of-heaven-is-within-you-egyptian-proverb

Isn’t it interesting that the way we imagine “heaven” to be, is a FEELING. Sure, we picture green rolling hills, or pristine buildings, or family unity, or happy eternal endeavors … but all of the imaginings of heaven serve to help us know what it FEELS like … the feeling of happiness, love, peace, relief, joyful union … THESE are heaven. There is well being there for all. The well being is in and around and through ALL things within that sphere.

heaven-quotes-5-1024x576I have thought, meditated, studied, and learned a great deal about well being. And I have discovered (I’ve written a lot about it on this blog!) that it comes from WITHIN. That my thoughts expand my well being or they squash it. I get to CHOOSE what I think, which therefore affects directly how I feel.

So because I choose my thoughts and I choose my focus, which affects my feelings … I CAN CREATE AND EXPERIENCE HEAVEN WITHIN!


It’s amazing to acknowledge this and when you start to see witnesses of it in your life you will experience that joyful, relief filled, happy, melting away of all care and loving well being that exists in the “heavenly realm.”  5961dc51c61f42471cadfcdd15d21787

It IS available to all. It IS abundant in nature. It is expansive. It is limitless because you get to choose to feel it or not; you get to choose how you perceive your experience … and so you can continually see beauty and joy and love in the world or not. It’s up to you … but if you understand that whatever you put out you receive (like for like. “you reap what you sow” etc…) then you know that as you “put out” good energy, peace and love energy, you WILL receive that back (that’s the limitless part! As much as you give, you will receive. Endlessly.).  And so you directly affect the atmosphere of your existence.

You experience heaven as you choose to see it in the world!  You experience heaven as you choose to focus on the “heavenly” things in your experience.  You experience heaven every time you are present in the moment and embrace the freedom in that spot.

It is literally up to you. You must CHOOSE it or not (agency!). And when you start choosing it more and more? The peace envelops you and you start to see with new eyes, and hear with new ears, and feel with new and expanding understanding and it IS heaven. It IS bliss. It IS freedom from care, and worry, and distress. It is well being. And it is and always will be readily available, waiting for you to choose it. 688f9e0f7d9b9c74071a1d2d5c3f0c4e

The choice is yours. The “secret” to heaven is not really a secret as much as it is an understanding of things that aren’t of this world … it is higher, that’s why it’s called “heaven.” Heaven is a feeling. Heaven is a sphere of understanding. Heaven is here, now if you choose to see it. Begin today to look for it. It won’t be hard to find if you look with the eyes of love.

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