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130 | Do I Dig the Hole Deeper?

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It’s election season here in the USA. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that if you listen to the news or frequent social media. I generally try very hard not to get involved in political discussions because I believe most people make up their minds and nothing I say will sway them either way.

So, I will not have anything to say about this or the debates or that person or that candidate. Instead I will tell you what I DO think about when I see posts and rants and debates and discussions.


The quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” is very prevalent in my mind as I watch this whole scene and season unfold.

I think it’s so important to see the world and to form opinions and thoughts based on how the world works and the aspects and facets of life that we experience, each of us, individually. I will see different perspectives and different challenges than you will. That’s just the way it works. And it’s actually perfect, because there are so many of us, if we all focused on the things in the world that we see need help, EVERYTHING would change.

Maybe I don’t have a perspective for something that you’ve experienced and that you can offer help with, but maybe I DO see something in my area of the world that I can offer change for which you cannot. When we all band together and do the most we can wherever we are, we will bring change.

So what does “be the change you wish to see” mean to me? It means that where I see a problem, where I see lack, where I see a glaring issue that needs help … I focus on that and FILL THE NEED that lack or problem creates. I don’t fight against it. I don’t dwell on the problem only in that I see that it’s there and acknowledge it exists and then I work to fill the need or “hole” that problem has made.

Example: I personally have been witness to a great deal of meanness and littleness in the world. (if any of you watch the news or go on social media, you see it too I’m sure) I see people name calling. I see judgment and condemnation. I see that there is not a great deal of love and very little civility at times. This is a problem in my perspective. There is a lack here. What is the lack? There is a lack of love and compassion.

So, because I see this lack, I acknowledge it exists, I am aware that it is prevalent and so the best and most helpful thing I can do is to offer the world that which can FILL this lack.

Do I need to help each person who I think is less than kind be more kind? No. That’s not my job. My job is to pour kindness everywhere I go.

Do I need to preach to those people who are judgmental and mean? No, that’s not my job. My job is to give MORE compassion and love to the world.

I offer the world the energy of that which it is lacking.


That is what I CAN do. That is what will be most helpful. That is what can and will change the world. I cannot change every person. In fact, it has been my experience that people don’t want to be told what to do and they don’t like to be judged. Because I see that, I know the only thing I can do is be that which I desire for the world. I can BE the change … I can BE the love, I can BE the compassionate person I think would create healing and peace.

So in this time of great debate and differences of opinion I know the greatest and most helpful thing I can be is a compassionate kind loving person. I throw that love around like it’s an endless resource, and then as I do that I realize it IS in fact an endless resource that brings healing everywhere it goes.

I know that things could be better in the world. There is SO much suffering – I do not think it helps anything to add negative energy to all that already exists. And so I choose to fill MY world with more kindness, more gentleness, more forgiveness, more compassion, more understanding, and more love. I do so with the understanding that it is greatly needed and when there is a need you fill it with that which CAN fill it. I can’t fill the need of more kindness with greater debate and meanness … it won’t work. I must fill that lack of kindness with greater KINDNESS.

This is how we bring change. If each of us took those things that were the big “lacks and needs” we saw, and then we focused on filling those holes with that which would bring healing can you imagine what a different world this would be?

Do it … imagine it. Because the action of you thinking about it and imagining it DOES bring that energy into the world.


So make it your focus. If you want to see change, don’t worry about trying to make everyone see how they’re wrong, just BE the change you wish to see. Be more loving. Be kinder. Be more compassionate. Be more understanding. Whatever you see that needs changing, when you see a problem, when there’s a huge hole you think needs filling – YOU BE THE PERSON WHO LIVES THAT CHANGED WAY. Your example is greater than anything.

So today, the things I will do are love with all my heart. I will be understanding of others and have compassion for their struggles and their perspectives. I will put more kindness into the world and I will fill my thoughts with hopes and imaginings that we live peacefully in loving unity.

This is my wish. This is my focus.

honorthismoment – #100somethings – 25/100

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