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129 | A Girl’s Magic Heart

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Once upon a time there was a girl. She lived in a place that was anything but perfect. She grew up understanding that it was “just the way it is” and so she accepted it. There were things about her life and world that she loved. There were things about her life and world she didn’t love. She didn’t know it could be any other way and so she just lived her life, sometimes loving it, sometimes not loving it, always accepting it.

One day the girl met a beggar on the side of the street. She was a kind girl and so she usually liked to help and give to those who had less than her. So she got out the little bit of money that was in her purse and gave it to the beggar.

The beggar was grateful and saw the kindness in her eyes and so he wished to give the girl a gift, and so he said, “This way we are taught to live is not the ONLY way to live. If you seek another way you will find it. When that day comes you will rejoice and you will have peace in your heart. You will be amazed and filled with wonder that it is so easy and yet so hidden. Look for another way.”

The girl was surprised. What the beggar had said to her really stayed with her and she pondered on those words time and time again.

What could he mean by “another way to live?” How could there be another way?

Why did he say it was so easy and yet hidden?

How do I look for another way?

The girl didn’t know what to do about the beggar’s words. Were they the words of a crazy man who didn’t know what he was talking about? Or were they wise words that were giving her clues to something greater?

She didn’t know so she set out to discover the true meaning of the beggar’s words.

Over the next years the girl talked to everyone she could see. She asked questions and listened to stories thinking that maybe if she learned about others she might find someone with answers. She never did find anyone who knew exactly about what the beggar had said.

She also read all the books she could find. She figured that if she read she was bound to come upon a book that taught what the beggar had been meaning but even in all the books there wasn’t a true “answer” or explanation of the beggar’s words to her.

She felt frustrated and began to doubt that she would ever find the hidden way to live that brought peace and ease and amazement. She started to wonder if the beggar had been crazy and SHE was crazy to have listened.

What the girl didn’t see is that as she had spent years seeking and reading and talking she had changed. She was no longer a girl who just accepted things as they are, she began to actively look for ways that she could change things for the better. And because she had spent so much time learning about others, her ways naturally included ALL people, no matter their story. She wanted a better world for EVERYONE.

She was not satisfied with things as they are, if it means there is injustice, scarcity, lack, hate, war, and greed. These things were unacceptable to her. Not because she had found THE better way, but because her eyes had been open to the fact that there COULD  be a better way. She didn’t know the way, she just knew that if it was better it would have to change these things.


And so in seeking the better way she began to see differently. Her view changed. Her perspective had changed. Her way to live in the world had changed. She didn’t just accept those things that were unacceptable anymore, she looked for ways to make them better and for things that could change the world.

Then one day the girl was walking along in the city and she saw the beggar again. She ran over to him quickly and had a million questions to ask him. But as she approached she could no longer think of what to ask, instead she wanted to give him a gift that would help HIM. So she approached him and began talking to him and asked him what he needed. They had a nice conversation over lunch and she tried to think of all the ways she could help this man.

Pretty soon her mind was full of the things that would benefit him and she began to imagine her plan to help him and be of service to him, when he looked at her and smiled and said, “Thank you for desiring to help. I am not lost, I am not poor, I am not lonely, I am not hungry, I am not sad. I have chosen this way to live because it is how I am able to help the most people. Your kindness is from the heart and for that I am grateful. Take your kindness and look for ways to extend it to those in true need and you will change the world.”

They talked for a few more minutes and then the girl was off, truly confused. She didn’t understand how he, a beggar, could say he wasn’t poor or lonely or hungry. He appeared to have nothing and yet he said he had all his needs met.

As she pondered, again and again, on this wise man’s words, for she now counted him as one of the wisest men she knew of, she was startled to realize something – There wasn’t a magical thing that she could find that would change everything. There wasn’t a cure, there wasn’t a special treatment, there wasn’t a book that would make every person be whole and have peace … the “magic” was within her (and everyone) and her HEART was the thing that was meant to be changed. In changing her heart it had truly transformed her world and the way she approached living.

She now saw that the way we are taught to live – living for ourselves, not caring for others, looking at all the differences in the world and focusing on those, caring more for THINGS than people  – is not the ONLY way to live. If you seek another way you will find it, because in SEEKING for a better way you realize and are open to acknowledging that there IS a better way, a kinder way, a more unified way and just opening your eyes to new ways is enlightening.


The girl felt a moment of pure joy in the realization that her heart had been opened. She hadn’t even realized it was closed to how things could be but in seeking for a better way it had opened her up to a world of possibility! She now understood that there is NEVER a time to just accept the unacceptable and that HER thoughts about the world can be realized and brought forth to change everything.

The girl lived now, not for just herself and her life but for EVERYONE. She knew that if she believed there was a “better” way to live, she could help others see that too. She no longer accepted those things that she hated. She had a desire for ALL to know that peace is not only possible but is realized when we’re open to greater understanding. And the moment she opened people’s eyes to another way they would see that it was their OWN hearts that could be opened and changed. When everyone was open to limitless possibility, the world would be a different place.

So the girl set out to change the world, one heart at a time. She knew that she didn’t need to try to fix all the broken systems and beliefs, she only needed to help people be open to seeing a different perspective and through that openness hearts would be changed and THAT is the true miracle and magic of life.

It was exciting. It was an adventure. It wasn’t daunting because connecting to people and touching their hearts was inspiring and easy and joyful!

The girl was amazed. The girl was filled with wonder and awe and she had peace in her heart and she walked her walk and lived her life and desired to change the world.

honorthismoment – #100somethings – 22/100

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