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173 | Happy New You

The new year is upon us! I, for one, cannot believe it’s 2019. But I am looking forward to what’s happening and what’s coming.

Part of my “end of year/new year” ritual is to look back, look around and look forward.

I call this “assessment.”

Do you do this? Do you look at the year that has passed and assess where you’re standing today based upon everything that has been experienced?

I do.

In fact, I make a list of ALL the things:

•The things that I love and appreciate and want more of in my life; I call this the “What Gets To Stay” list.

•The things that are not helpful and that are no longer serving me at all. I call this the “What Gets To Be Released” list.

•And finally, the things I want to ADD to my life. These are those things that some people call “goals” or “resolutions.” I like to think of these things as the areas I’ve been inspired to expand into. I call this the “What Gets To Be Added” list.

I have found it helpful to make lists in my life so that I can be more aware of where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’d like to go.

So, a few nights ago I sat down and wrote out on paper all of the things that I have experienced over the course of my life, specifically this past year. I made the “Big List.” And then I organized it into the three areas.

  1. WHAT GETS TO STAY: The things that are in my life today that I’d like to keep … these are things like my role as mother, my skincare routine, and our weekly date night. I love these things. I don’t want to take them away. I want to keep choosing to experience these aspects that have brought me health, peace and joy.

  2. WHAT GETS TO GO: The things in my life today that I’d like to get rid of … these are things like eating unhealthy food, mindlessly scrolling on social media and comparing myself to others. These don’t help me. These don’t serve me. They get to go. I get to release these this year.

  3. WHAT GETS TO BE ADDED: And the things that I would like to add to my life that I think would expand upon what I am currently experiencing … These are things like daily meditation, reading more books and weekly fasting. I have been inspired to implement more of these into my life. I believe they will add value and serve me greatly. So these things I get to bring in!

I know I find it helpful to see clearly what I’m choosing to focus on. If I don’t write it down and don’t look at it often I will forget. And so I make lists. And I make images that I can keep on my phone as the background so everytime I look and everytime I check the time or an alarm or whatever, I see that list and am reminded of what my focus gets to be.

I don’t believe we need a new year to begin anew. I think the date changing is an easy permission slip to help us into that energetic shift, but you don’t need the numbers to change to make a change.

Anytime is the perfect time. Any day, you can sit down and make a list of the things that you’d like to focus on, the things that you think would add light to your life, and you can begin that day to move into that new energy.

Since it IS new year time, what better time than now?! Now is always the PERFECT time.

I’m excited for what’s to come. I have challenges ahead, big scary gigantic ones, but I know that I have met every challenge that’s come to me so far. I do believe that I will be able to meet the new ones that come.


Whatever you’re experiencing today, this week, this new year … May it help you see more clearly, may it bring to you new eyes and may you have new light to light your way.

Happy New Year!

(2019?!! I can hardly believe it, but it’s here!!)

May you be filled.

~Honor, this moment.

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