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174 | The Thing Called Motherhood

And sometimes it’s tiring being the mom.

You do all the things, tend to all the people, make sure everyone and everything is happening when and how it’s “supposed” to happen.

You take notes and set alarms and make schedules and do laundry loads between all of that.

You dry tears and break up arguments and manage anxiety attacks and clean messes.

You make breakfasts and lunches and dinners and snacks; oh, so many snacks.

It is exhausting, frustrating, exasperating, chaotic humdrum.

But somewhere in the humdrum is a little spark of magic or a little whisp of loveliness.

And you see it occasionally hiding within and beneath and beyond.

And when you look directly at it, it shimmers and shines and whispers, “And this is love.”

So then you take a deep breath of that freshness hiding right in front of your face.

And it uplifts, strengthens, expands, and brightens.

And the next thing comes, and you forget for a minute about the shimmering magic and you maybe get lost for just a moment in the frustrating throng that seems to be so noisy.

But then you see the spark that shines in your eye and it invites you to remember.

And you do.

And you breathe it in.

And this is Motherhood.

-Honor, this moment.

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