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164 | Love + Light = YOU

Everything that is love, is Source.
It stems from, and is “given” by Source energy.
It is core energy.


Not distinct from, and not just “part of” … It IS the very essence of what IS.



In other words: that essence of “you” that is love light … <<< THAT is your core being, your fundamental nature.

You cannot separate from it.
You are not something other than it.
You are it.
It is you.
They are one.
You are love light.

Everything that stems from your core, is an aspect of that core energy; love light is the source.
Love light is the core programming.

It is from that, which all things were and are “made” or created.

If then, you are thinking in terms of “how do I connect to source energy?”

You can’t “connect” to what you are, as if it’s something apart from you that you need to plug into.

You just be.

You don’t have to DO anything to be love light … You ARE love light.
You don’t have to DO anything different to be one with the source of creation … YOU ARE ONE.
It is.

There is nothing more or different or other than that.
It is core foundational fundamental truth.

You cannot separate from it.
You cannot be different than it.
You cannot earn it.
You cannot find it apart from you.
You can only realize what is there and what has been there before time and physicality existed.

Oneness isn’t merely your alignment to something or someone apart from you.
Oneness is the realization that who you are is wholly and fully sourced by that which is and always has been YOU.

It is you.
You are it.
That is oneness.

It is to know thyself.
It is to be all things.
It is to realize that there isn’t separation; that doesn’t exist, it is an illusion.

Oneness throws that illusion to the world of illusions and stands unshackled, unburdened, centered, grounded, unshakably and unmovingly in the love light that is all things.

Oneness is saying, “I am. I exist. I see. I know. I be. I love. I am here. I am.”

It is unmoving.
It is solid and sure.
Flowing and free.
Here and there.
It is all things.
It is in all things.
It moves through all things.

It is all things and nothing in particular …

It is.

And so, to expand your awareness into this energy, simply let go of everything until you realize the nothingness that is beyond form.
That “nothingness” is really “being-ness” … And in that being-ness, you are home. You are free. You are one.

Release the need to “do” and just BE.

And from the place of flowing being-ness, any “doing” comes only for the expression of the being-ness, not as a requirement, not as a penance, not as a merit of honor, not as a badge of worthiness … Only as an expression of that which is manifested here and now in this place.

I “do” this because my soul/source/core desires to express in this way.
That is all.

“I am this.”

Never place a “should” or a “must” to it … Only flow from a space of “I am.”
And from that space, anything is possible.

“I am choosing this now.”
“I am expressing in this way now.”
“I am this.”
“I am here. This is how I choose to express that truth.”

From this space, there is an unmovable, unshakable confidence and clarity.
There is love.
There is peace.
There is authentic expression of soul.

And it is freeing.
And it is peace expanding.
And it is that, which is the doorway out of the physical illusory world of time into the timeless peaceful world of light.

In that world there is an ease that moves you beyond circumstances and into freedom that allows you to choose what you will be.

It takes away the burden the world requires of you, and gives you the freedom the core nature of your being enjoys.
It was always the plan for you to be free to consciously choose your moment.

It is that power that is innate to your being.
When you claim that power, you shift the energy of your world and begin to transmute old things into new things.

You become the alchemist, the miracle worker, the healer, the bringer of light.
This is your core identity.
This is what you are.

When you claim this, choose this, become one with this … You are the Creator of your story, as you were programmed to be.

And so, breathe this in.

Become aware of your intrinsic power and purpose.
It is not and has never been separate from you.
It is you.
It is the very energy that animates and livens your being, your vessel, your life.

YOU are the agent, the instrument, the means that expresses this unique spark of the one source of which we are all a part of.

You are here.
You have this power.

You are one with all things, and because that is so, EVERYTHING conspires to help you express in whatever you choose to express.

What is light to you?
What is love?
What looks bright and invites you to stand in your glory?

These are the path laid out for your greatest expansion.
These are your ways.

They are unique.
They are distinct to YOU.

That you exist, is all you need to realize you are ONE with the source of all existence.

Whatever that energy is, whatever you call it, however you choose to define and label it … It is. You are. Therefore, you MUST be one with the energy of the universe that is the source of all light and life in existence.

Energy is energy.
Love is love.
Light is light.

Find that. Be that. Express that, and be free.

–Honor this moment.

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