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Yesterday I was filling out a preschool application for next year, for my youngest child. I started with his name, birthdate, etc. Then it moved on to my name, birthdate, relationship to child … I got to the question asking me what my “employment status” is.

My options: full time, part time, seasonally employed, retired/disabled, unemployed. I reread them several times.

Those are my options?

But I’m none of those. And if I have to pick one of THOSE, “unemployed” is the only one I can choose.

For a few minutes I actually allowed that stupid word to make me feel less than, unimportant, not worthy, and invisible. Again.

But I’m NOT unemployed. I freaking work constantly everyday. I’m momming HARD over here. (Seven kids. Senior in high school to preschooler. Yeah, so much momming happening.) And I CHOOSE to be the stay-home parent who manages our home and family.

Actually, without staying home there is no way we could function properly.
“Unemployed.” …

No, I do not get monetary compensation for my job. No, I do not get insurance or other benefits. But do you know what? I love it. It’s hard. It’s challenging. It’s tiring. I almost never get a break. I never leave my place of work. I’m always on call 24-7. I don’t get bonuses or commendations or awards or recognition.

But I DO get a full heart, lots of hugs and smiles, and the opportunity to actually watch my children become.

I CHOSE this.

Am I unemployed? Psh! No. I am employed at the most important job I could be doing. I am purposefully doing this.

And do you know how much I appreciate that I CAN do this? Every. Single. Day.

So you know what I did? I crossed out “unemployed” and wrote in “mom.”

My worth is unchangeable and has ZERO to do with my employment status. Period. End of story. I am freaking amazing at what I do. Yes.

Own your spot. See what you do as beautiful and amazing and purposeful and meaningful. Even if you earn zero dollars doing what you love … So? Money does not define your value.

If you are an artist and you’ve never made a penny for your art, but you LOVE making art?! YOU ARE AN ARTIST! Yes you are! Be that! Claim it. Money is irrelevant.

Whatever you do, whoever you are being, it is perfect. You are worthy. You are valuable. You are divine.

I know this. I claim this for me, and I see it for you too.

Breathe in your story … You are here. This is happening. That means you have value. You always have, you always will, in all ways.

~Honor, this moment.

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