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163 | The Field

I sometimes imagine standing at the threshold of a vast field of space.

Stretching out before me is infinite possibility.

I can step this way or that way … Each move I make, each choice, takes me down new paths through this infinite field of possibility.

Along the way are breadcrumbs. They are shiny. They are bright. They are the light amidst the dark void.

When I see a breadcrumb, I can choose to turn that direction and if I do, the pathway is lit more clearly than before.

If I don’t, it’s not fatal, it’s just less direct. So choosing the well lit path makes my journey easier and more joyful because it is perfectly designed for my heart’s desires.

The breadcrumbs are the energy of my soul calling me home.

Every choice IS a choice toward joy, love, light or not those, or lesser variations of those.

There isn’t a bad choice, that’s the cool part. If I make a choice that isn’t as direct, the breadcrumbs are still there leading me. So I have guidance no matter what.

I imagine who and what I want to be, and then everyday, every choice, I align those energies.

I want to be brave and courageous, so I take the path of courage when I’m faced with it. I want to be kind and loving, so I take the path of gentle support when I’m at that doorway. I want to be confident and strong, so everyday I make choices that build my strength and uplift my confidence.

I am CREATING who I want to be with the choices I make each moment.

I am the Creator of my experience here.

What are YOU creating today?


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