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Sixteen. Focus.

LUMINA-SI-MAGIE2Have you ever stayed up super late reading or doing a project because you LOVE it and just wanted to keep doing it, regardless of the time?

Your focus is so honed in on this thing that fills you with joy, that being tired means nothing because you are filled with an energy and a fire to do this thing.

You notice that you’re tired, that your eyes are sleepy but it doesn’t really matter.  It isn’t the focus right now, and so it fades into the background of things you’re not choosing to think about or worry about or be conscious of and you just keep your focus on the project before you.

The tired is still there.  But it’s faded or fallen away and means nothing.

This is much like life.  In life we have things that we focus on, and those things make up our conscious life.  Whether it is your job, and sports, or crafting and kids, or shopping and tumblr_m3ryaxb8ll1r9ws4xo1_5001art, or music and television, or politics and religion … whatever you focus on makes all the other stuff fall away and becomes your life.

You choose what to focus on.  Even if you don’t think you’re choosing, what you spend your time doing and thinking about IS you choosing.  If you spend your thought time in worry and stress and anger, you are choosing those things.  You are consciously choosing to focus on worry and stress and anger over focusing on other things.  And as you spend all of your time in the worry, it becomes your world.  Your world is troubled.  There is not peace.  You don’t even see peace, because that potential has fallen away in the conscious choice to focus on worry.

You can choose to focus on love and joy.  As you consciously make the choice to have those thoughts be predominant in your mind, the other stuff falls away and becomes tiny and insignificant and the love you have for life becomes your world.  You see only love.  The other stuff still exists, but it’s faded into the background and doesn’t really matter in the face of the beauty that is a loving world.

Each of us has a body with many many different functioning systems within it.  I am focused on only a very small aspect of my body.  I choose where my arms and legs go, I choose what I think about, I choose what food I put into my body, and I am0000a873_medium aware of and able to exercise, or hug, or turn my head, etc.  The majority of the systems within my body’s existence are not my focus.  But they’re there none the less.  I don’t have to tell my heart to beat, it just does it.  It operates perfectly within and completes its function each moment.  My cells regenerate and I don’t focus on that, it just happens.  My blood circulates, the air moves in and out of my lungs, my hair grows, my eyes water, etc.

All of these functioning systems make up the wholeness that is me.  I don’t have to focus on MOST of them for them to work properly, they just do it.  I am aware of very little, consciously, but my thoughts.  I choose those.  I decide to move my body in a certain way and my thinking that I want a drink makes my arm pick up the cup and take a drink.  The portion I have to be aware of is very tiny in comparison to all that’s going on continually within me.

Your thoughts are your conscious awareness.  The things that are your focus within ALL the systems of your body.  You choose those.  You focus on those.  The other things fade away and are not existent in your perspective, they’re just perfectly doing their job.  I don’t have to think about them, I get to think about whatever I choose to think about.

Can you imagine btumblr_nocnumPz6i1trkrmwo1_500eing aware of ALL the potential, ALL the possibilities in existence, and consciously choosing to struggle, to fear, to worry, to work hard?

When the possibility is limitless, what is struggle?  What is fear?

Imagine believing in a limitless potential and actually CHOOSING to focus on that.  Choosing to see that struggle, fear, worry, stress, anger, etc. are not necessary and are only limited potentials within a limitless existence.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to believe in a limitless universe that is ACTUALLY limitless?!!

Limit = a point beyond which it is not possible to go; a point beyond which someone is not allowed to go; a place enclosed within a boundary; something that bounds, restrains, or confines

Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually believe in an infinitely limitless God that truly has NO limit?!

We tend to limit things here on earth based upon what we’ve seen.  If we see it, we believe in it, and if we don’t it’s abstract and we try to fit it into a box that makes it work for our unknowing limited minds.

Can you put a limitless energy into a box with sides?

You can.  You can choose to do that.  But then you’re limiting it.  The limitless energy is still that which it is, limitless, energy, unchangeable.  But your choice in limiting it, by the very nature of making it have a specific form and fitting it into a box that looks a certain way, restrains, confines, and binds it in your life. When sides and shape are attached to the box, it limits whatever is insidelimitless-brad-scott to only that.  It can’t grow it can’t progress and change shape and meaning based upon further light and understanding, it is the box and can only be in that box as long as the lid is shut and the sides remain.

Within an energy that is LIMITLESS … ALL things are possible.  Miracles abound, not because there’s “magic” in the world, but because a limited mind perceives this limitless energy and has no way to translate it that makes sense, and so it puts it in the “miracle” “I don’t understand” box.  It sees something, but it doesn’t fit anywhere.  And so we take it and try to shift it to be something we can define, when it’s actually undefinable in man’s terms.

The “miracle” is the limitless touching our lives.

Limitless energy is more pure and higher than anything here that fits into boxes.  There isn’t a way to translate it into words or pictures that will allow it to keep its limitless nature, it becomes limited the minute we try to defiEmilysQuotes.Com-inspirational-motivational-amazing-great-Dr.-Richard-Bartlett-universe-human-potentialne it in “mortal” terms.

We all get to choose the limits we set upon our thoughts.  What we focus on becomes our
world, and so you can choose to struggle and to worry and to work hard over defining all things and putting them into their boxes so your world makes sense, or you can choose to focus on what limitless might look like, and when you perceive a limit, you shake that off and focus on a higher perspective.

There are not limits and struggle within an infinitely limitless universal God energy.  We set the limits and make the struggle.  And since we do that, we can let it go.  Focus on something higher and the struggle, which is here and seems really real right now, will fade away.  It will take some conscious choice of where you look, but as you look at the more joyful, relieving, peaceful thing, the struggle fades away and pretty soon it doesn’t mean anything.  It becomes “background noise” to the beauty that you more clearly see.

Let peace be your focus, let love be your guide, let limitless energy be your vision.  And as those become your focus, the “fire” within you will burn brightly and the limits you have made will fall away and you will see this beautiful infinite possibility before you.  And you will have peace.

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