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175 | Good Morning

My house is still quiet this Sunday morning. And I woke up from a really weird dream. I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Like, “I should be writing a book with the crazy I experience in Dreamland” weird.

As I come out of the dreams and into the waking world, the “weird” melts away and I remember that I’m not watching a person turn slowly into a tree because of being tricked to step into a cursed portal, (I’m telling you … Seriously weird dreams) I am lying in my bed with soft pillows and warm blankets and the people I love are safely doing the same.

This is a gift.

I appreciate this world and the space I occupy in it. I am grateful to be here experiencing this.

I do not have a fabulously flashy life. I don’t travel to exotic places. I don’t have a successful career. I don’t live in a perfect dream house.

I DO have a fabulous life though. It is simple. It is quiet. It is peaceful. And it is perfectly lovely most of the time. (mom life is sometimes brutal of course)

Today, this moment, I’m grateful for the presence of peace in my life. I am grateful for the moments I enjoy, for the moments that bring light, and for those moments that are teaching me about balance.

Thank you “today” for bringing me awareness of all that’s lovely in my world.

~Honor, this moment

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