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176 | The Turn

And sometimes you decide to make a sudden turn, when all along you had been planning on going straight.

But you know what? The shift is better. It is bringing with it something you’ve been missing. And so, it is clearly a good choice.

But it takes a minute to reorient yourself because it wasn’t in “the plans” …

And then you look around, you take a breath, you see where you are and how it feels to be here, and you realize “the plans” were never meant to be set in stone, they were only meant to be a very loose guideline.

“The turn” actually WAS in the plans! You just needed to make the turn before you would realize it.

And now that you’re here, it is right on track. It is the perfect spot for you for now. It is a step in a good direction, and THAT?! …. that IS the plan!

>> small steps, in any direction, lead to new understanding. That new understanding is the plan … To see new things, experience new things, breathe new air.

That is the plan, and we are each doing it whether we realize it or not.

Today I honor the steps I take into new territory … Even when sometimes I think it looks like I’m stepping backward. Every step is another opportunity to see anew. I am always learning. There is only forward.

~Honor, this moment.

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