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172 | I Am

I am what I am.
And isn’t it grand
That I get to be this?!
I now understand

The whole point is for me
To carefree-ly be
Whatever I choose;
The best version I see.

And so watch as I fly.
Watch me soar through the sky.
I’m going to rise
I’m gonna go high.

And even I’ll dream
And I’ll lovingly beam
All my am-ness to you;
It’ll shine, it’ll gleam.

And I know if you see
You might feel the glee
From this purest delight;
That I GET to be me!

(Psst! One more thing
This delight seems to bring:
You get to be you!!
Let it ring. Let it sing!!)

~Honor, this moment

(IG image: @frollein_schmid )

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