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171|May You Be Peace

Let there be peace on earth

To family and friends,

Year end is a time of reflection for so many. A time to look at where we sit, and what we’ve experienced, and to appreciate the growth that has taken place. Every experience we have, whether we label it good or bad, brings growth. And at this time of year, this winter season of hibernation, slowing down and turning inward, it is a beautiful moment to reflect on all that’s taken place and to look, in awareness, at who we are because of it.

We do not necessarily choose every circumstance that comes, but we do have an opportunity to breathe blessed appreciation; for every twist and turn is not only an opportunity, but an adventure.

Sometimes struggling before school to get all the kids up doesn’t feel so blessed or like an adventure, but at the end of the day I appreciate the fact that we’re all here having these struggles together. Our unity brings the blessings. Our combined energies toward moving forward meets each day in its adventure.

Our year has had ups, downs, frustrations, endings, new beginnings, moments of complete and utter chaos. We have also experienced laughter, joy, gratitude, fun, sunshine, rainbows, cuddling and so many other moments that smooth over the rough edges in beautiful ways.

Life is perfect, you see. But perfection is not what we imagine it to be. It is not every experience a “good” experience. It is not everyone always happy. Perfection is not all rainbows, all sunshine, all perfectly ripe fruit, always clean, always cheerful.

Perfection is WHOLENESS. It is all things working in unison. It is all parts, all pieces, all aspects of life working together in a balanced and complete way. Perfection is a FULNESS of life. Without the rain, there aren’t rainbows. Without green bananas sometimes, we can’t appreciate the perfectly deliciously sweet ripe ones. We need these experiences to understand that ALL of life is precious.

And so, at this time of year, I look around and appreciate it all.

The early morning whining. The broken-down truck that needed to get fixed. The being in the car for 4 hours each day driving kids places. The constant grocery shopping. The oldest daughter graduating from high school. The 17-year-old going to college. The singing, the dancing, the fighting, the giggling, the messes, the hugs, the laundry, the traffic jams and the long hours of work. ALL of this is precious to me. All of this can bring peace when I understand what peace means and what wholeness and perfection actually is.

And as I survey the scene before me and look back upon this year, I say to you: May you experience peace today, next week, and always. May you BE peace. May it pour over you in waves of perfect harmony. And may you appreciate every moment of your life that brings with it the capacity to breathe through anything and with that breath know more of what “being human” truly means.

cmas card 2018

May it so be for you.

With love – Honor, this moment. 

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!!

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