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Twenty Six. Simplify.

Simplify ansimplify-to-dod focus on what’s in front of me.  

That’s the inspiration I keep getting lately.  Spend every moment being IN the moment of what’s happening in my life; my real physical “I’m the wife and mom and Honor” life.

What does it mean?  For me it means that I don’t look at my phone, I don’t have my nose in a book constantly, and I don’t sit and watch TV … for me it means that what is happening in the moment is the MOST important thing and I should focus on THAT.

It can be doing laundry (which, oops … I was going to start a load before I wrote this.) and just being focused on that.  Being still in the moment of folding clothes and not worried or thinking about all the other stuff, just quietly folding my family’s laundry.

It can can be playing with the kids.  Do you know how much kids love undivided attention?  It is very apparent that it makes their hearts soar and it feels amazing.  And why wouldn’t it?!  I know I am “guilty” of placing my attention on too many things and as my kids tell me stuff I only half listen … I’m not fully focused on what they said.  I don’t like when people do that to me.  It’s unfair to do that to the people I love.  (The golden rule!)

It can mean that when I’m writing my blog, I’m WRITING my blog and simplify-quotefully focused on this.  I let go of the laundry load I didn’t put in and just do this, focus on this, and be in this moment.

It means that when I’m on my daily walk I don’t try to get in another book to listen to, or list all of the things I need to get done.  I just walk.  I walk in the stillness of the day, I listen to the birds and the things that are around, and I am present in my thoughts.

Imagine that you are a dispatcher of some kind. Your job is, through a radio or cell phone or something, to guide people and lead them to what they’re supposed to do.  You have the “schedule” or the map of the way it’s all going to work perfectly and  you are the ONLY one with the master schedule.  So you are the main person who tells everyone where they’re supposed to go and what they’re supposed to do to make the whole operation run smoothly.  Their job is to listen to and follow your guidance.

Now imagine being in that role, and having the people who are being guided by you NOT listening.  They are SO busy doing other stuff, focusing on their “important” life stuff and filling their minds with noise that they can’t really hear you.  They’re only partially aware that you’re even there guiding them.  They’ve put so much of their focus on so many different things that to focus on any one thing, especially the guidance you’re trying to give, is almost impossible.

And they believe that it is essential they do all the stuff they’re doing.  They think it will help them.  They don’t even see that the only thing they need to do is let go of almost everything and just listen.  You have the master schedule after all … you’re the ONLY one who can guide everyone to their perfect destinations.  If they would just put their full focus on your guidance they would see the whole thing go so smoothly and perfectly and it would be good for all.

I think wsimplifye’re all doing that ^^^ all of the time.  We’ve made these schedules and filled them with so much “noise” and stuff that we don’t even spend time listening to the guidance from the master scheduler.  (The universe, God, the holy spirit, your intuition, etc.)

There is a divine design that is perfect!  You don’t have to know everything.  How could you?!  It’s not possible … but there is a source of energy that DOES know what’s perfectly fitting for you.  And all you have to do is listen.  That’s it.  You don’t have to do 1000 different things to be worthy of the guidance, you’re worthy because you’re alive.  You only need to listen and be still and allow the guidance to be made known to you.

And when you do that?  You will begin to HEAR! ALL of the time!  And you will realize you’ve been guided this whole time and you only made it difficult because you weren’t listening.  But the difficulty in the guidance was YOUR OWN MAKING!  It’s not difficult when you tune it!  It’s just a perfect stream of light shining high blargeeams on the way you should go and there is an easiness to it that is beautiful. (The “yoke is easy and the burden is light”)

So today I am paying special attention to simplifying and to just being present in the stillness of each moment; listening to and focusing on the light.

And as I focus on it?  I see it, and it’s bright and inviting and I intend to embrace it and do all I can to expand the light, joy, and peace that comes to me in these moments of lovely stillness.

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