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Thirty Seven. Inspiration.

doortoheavenDid you know that when you are happy, feeling joy, or at peace, you are allowing or opening the door to the flow of the universe/God within you?  Loving life and feeling joy are your way of saying (through your energy, your vibrational frequency) “I accept where I am. Thank you.”  All the other stuff, the disgruntled, stressed, frustrated, angry, fearful things are like fighting against what is.  You cannot change what is.  It is.  It is what is happening to you right now.  And so you can either fight against it, and make it painful to experience, or you can be at peace and open the door to the inspiration that God’s energy brings.    

In the joyful peace inspiration comes.

And no matter what you’re doing, the inspiration makes it easier.  It makes it more fun.  It inspiration_wallpaper_by_naomi89-d2yhfs5makes it joyful.

Inspiration is that “spot” where you feel on fire, where you love life, where you have ideas and thoughts just pop into your head and they make sense and make everything go easier.  Inspiration is light.  Inspiration is easy.  Inspiration is joyful because you don’t have to DO anything, you just allow the flow and it flows and you see it and it’s miraculous and wonderful.

It truly is this easy … it truly is about allowing what is to be and being grateful for life.

It’s like we are each standing in a spot … maybe it’s a big black dot on the floor.  It’s our own unique spot.  No one else is here in this exact spot and so my focus can only be my spot.  My existence is tied to this spot, I cannot change it, it’s unchangeable.  It’s just reality.

I have choices in this spot …

  • I can try to make it be a different spot, but in doing that I’m saying that I don’t accept this spot and where I am.  I can’t change where I am, or what I am ..INSPIRATION. I am this.  So trying to make it be different is trying to change what is.
  • I can accept where I am but fight against my existence here in this spot.  This would make my life full of turmoil and angst and frustration and fear and all the things that aren’t peace.
  • I could ignore the spot completely and not even realize that my existence is here and just feel lost and alone.
  • OR (there are certainly other choices here … these are the few I thought of) I can accept this spot, own that it’s mine and allow it to be what it is.  And as I do that I feel peace knowing that I am what I am and it’s just what I should be.  I’m not trying to change my existence, I’m not ignoring that I am here.  I am here.  This is my spot.  I accept it and am grateful for the opportunities within this spot to see and know love.

As I own my spot, as I accept what is, I begin to feel this peace.  And the peace brings a joy and love for this life that I haven’t felt before.  And the joy and the love for life say to God,57 “thank you thank you thank you.  I love my spot.  Thank you.” and THAT opens the door to receiving the flow; the flow of energy that is inspiring and is so essential to living a joyful loving productive beautiful life.

Can I live outside of the flow?  Absolutely.  It’s harder.  It’s not easy and light.  You can do it.  But it’s like going against the grain … our existence is meant to be filled with a flowing energy of peace love and joy.  Without it it’s just not as great.  With it it’s everything.

I have seen, felt, and experienced fighting against my spot and then the peace that comes through acceptance and the inspiration that follows.  It’s freedom when you realize that God wants you to be happy, feel joy, and to have an easy light time.  It’s not MEANT to be difficult … that is the result of us separating from God’s energy, which makes up all things, all in all … including us.  But as you accept your life and begin to be filled with love, the flow of that energy comes and it truly is an easy light joyful existence in that place.

Do you know what inspiration feels like?  It’s like everything just makes sense, just flows out of you, just works.  It’s easy.  It’s fun.  It’s even miraculous in that you see that it’s e607ed858b00d061966736b0b0817a02happening and it is so obviously God and that energy that it couldn’t be anything else.

I have had it happen while playing the piano … I just allowed the flow and beautiful songs spilled out of my hands.  Not from my knowledge or understanding … they came from the flow of inspiration.

I have had it happen while talking to another person … I just allowed the flow and followed the inspiration and somehow managed to say the exact thing that person needed.  Not from my knowledge or understanding … it came from the flow of inspiration God’s energy is.

I could list so many more examples … the point is I know most of us know what it feels like.  That is our TRUE NATURE … to have that all of the time.

Our existence is meant to beautifully flow and just be easy and light and joyful and FUsmiley-blanton-quote-love-is-the-immortal-flow-of-energy-that-nourisheLL of LOVE!

Begin with just looking for things you love about your existence.  And focus on those.

The other stuff is there … not fighting against it, but allowing it to be allows the door to stay open to the flow … and it makes those things you don’t love be easier to handle.

Try this!  Watch as you focus on loving your life, how much more you see to love and how much more inspiration comes!

You will be amazed and you will see that your spot is pretty awesome.

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