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Thirty Eight. Energy.

untitledIt’s no secret that I talk about loving life a lot.  I talk about LOVE a lot.  I’m very passionate about love because I believe it is literally the energy that makes up all things.

Sometimes it’s helpful in understanding something, to use symbols or a “story” to help us understand.  Here’s what I visualize:

I picture excreationisting somewhere before earth life …  I will call it Elsewhere.  Before I came here I was Elsewhere and I knew that I was coming here.  I understood the point was to expand myself; to grow and progress.

In Elsewhere I was an energy that had been created just like the One who created me.  This “Creator” expanded Itself and that is how I came into being.  The Creator’s energy was just like mine … like for like … and so I was and am just as my Creator is.

The energy of the Creator, and of me, and of all things is most closely like what we call LOVE.  Not exactly like I picture love here, because I understand that my view is small and skewed compared to the higher more clear view of Elsewhere, bu9a0b13c93648c480c9ed793b9450a7e0t our “love energy” is the closest similar energy to what is Existence, Creator and all of Creation.

I understood, in Elsewhere, the point of earth life is to expand the energy.  So all things that are love are to be focused on and brought out and expanded and joyed over.  As I focus on what I AM, that love energy, it brings more of that into my earth life.

So I picture being “dropped into” a body, like the one I’m sitting in right now, and being “born” into this world.  And I see that once the unique energy is in the body, it doesn’t remember Elsewhere anymore, it only knows what is in physical view.  And so as a baby, the memories and other things that were remembrances of life in love-or-above-raise-your-vibrationElsewhere are forgotten and this earth became home; “reality.”

Because the body doesn’t see and understand what reality truly is, it frequently “fights” the truth within.  The body that finds this earth its home is comfortable here, but the energy that is the TRUE self is not.  The pure love energy of Elsewhere flows against the reality of earth life and the “war” between the two creates dissonance.

Dissonance looks like, anger, fear, frustration, judgement for others, sickness, hardship, misunderstanding, and all of the things that void expansion.  So for much of existence as a body on earth, the energy is not fulfilling its purpose as long as the body is not in alignment with it.

I picture a body and an “energy body” not being in sync, like two things moving and vibrating at different rhythms or frequencies.  And because the two are not one, there is that coflame-inside-my-heartnstant hitting against each other and the dissonance that is so unsettling.

The goal is for the body to align with the energy body.  To do that the body only has to “become” like that energy … like for like.

That energy is love.

And so for the body to “become” like its energy within, it only needs to focus on love.  It’s not hard, it’s just shifting focus to what reality is.  And as that happens?  The flow of the energy body within the earth body are in sync, they become one, and that is when inspiration comes, and the Oneness brings forth that peace that is so fulfilling and joyful.

Inspiration for the body looks like joy, peace, love for life, and all of the things that expand its energy within.

This is what I visualize.  Doing so helps me focus on being in “alignment” with my true self, and helps me stayed focused on love. 4AD7DDADC

I love life because when I do, I see more things to love about life and continually experience more love IN my life.  I have seen the expansion and “flow” that comes in aligning with Love and it’s peace and freedom and JOY!

I heard the wind chime on the deck really going this morning as I was lying in bed and I smiled because I LOVE wind.  I got up and looked out into our back park and the sun through the clouds was sort of casting a hazy yellow over everything and I joyed in it.  I saw 3 rainbows on my first drop-off run this morning and I just felt the love for life spill over and my joy in that moment CREATED expansion.

love-yourselfThose “cup runneth over” moments are alignment and expansion of the energy of existence and that is why they’re so beautiful.

I’m grateful for today.  It’s a beautiful day.

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