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148 | Meet My friends Serenity and Harmony

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Serenity singing bowl

I was using my new singing bowl this morning. Her name is Serenity. She is a beautiful perfect little bowl (amazing energy!!) made by hand in Nepal. The moment I saw her in the shop in San Diego I knew she was meant to be mine. And her tone/energy connects perfectly with my heart space and instantly harmonizes with my energy. We sync perfectly together as she resonates her voice.

As I was listening to the vibration of this beautiful singing bowl this morning, I thought of the word “harmony.”

I feel like this word has new meaning for me now; like its definition has EXPANDED to take on new depth.

Harmony: pleasing arrangement of parts: congruence: agreement, accord: internal calm, tranquility: an interweaving of different parts into a SINGLE narrative: balance, orchestration, unity.

When harmony is present there is ALIGNMENT of all the parts to bring a beautiful balance and ONENESS.

I understand this more clearly now, in reference to me and the universe within me. We are MEANT to be One. We were created to be in unity and the wholeness that exists at the soul level is meant to join ALL the parts to that wholeness.

When harmony is present, I am. I am this. This is perfect. I’m aligned to my inner being, my soul space, and it is exactly what it is “meant” to be. There is no “war” with my mind and heart and soul, there is alignment … the three are ONE and there is just a beautiful harmony which allows ALL to flourish.

When harmony is present there is BALANCE. All of the energy centers of my being are flowing and in perfect balance and relationship with each other, which allows the whole of my being to shine. There isn’t constriction. There is only flow. And when the flow is unrestricted, it allows ALL of me to flourish in a brilliant and EASY way. Even the cells of my body are affected by this unrestricted flow.

When harmony is present there is PEACE. There is a simple and deep KNOWING that I am whole. That I am a unique expression of existence and because I know that I am this, I have a peace that is unflinching, unchangeable, and limitlessly expanding. It is bliss to feel this kind of peace that is untouchable by any thing other or outside of me. It is “heaven.”

When harmony is present there is not an absence of any kind … there is an ABUNDANCE of light and love and LIFE. It comes and it flows and it enlivens and it enlightens and it gives life to ALL parts of me, which replenishes me and allows me to, in turn, offer that light to the world around me.

Harmony is joy. Harmony is love. Harmony is expansion into limitlessness. It is partaking of the CORE of my being and translating it into energy that uplifts and connects and ALLOWS more to manifest.

How do you connect to the harmony of your being? By simply BEING who you are, by opening your heart, and letting go of all the things that feel like expectations, and worries, and constricting energy, and allowing the flow to come forth from the core of who you are.

Simply let it flow. It will “invite” you to ALL that will ADD to your ease and it will do it in a perfect way for YOU. Don’t look around you, don’t look outside of you, just look WITHIN and you will realize connection is RIGHT there, and in that understanding, harmony is present.

I appreciate the harmony today … it is my dear friend, and I am going to play with her and enjoy the moment.


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