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Hi.  I’m Honor.  Nice to meet you.  If I know you, I’m glad you’re here.  If I don’t, I’m equally glad you’re here.  This is a new beginning for me!  A new thing that I’m doing that I hope will be inspiring to myself and if it inspires anyone else that’ll be nice too.

Who am I?  I am this.  A unique Screenshot_2016-01-31-12-29-09-1person/soul/energy that lives an inspiring and unique existence; just as you are inspiring and unique in YOUR spot.

I am a wife … I’ve been married 17 years.

I am a mother. I have 5 daughters and 2 sons … that’s 7 children!

I am a musician, an avid reader, I love to crochet and quilt and sew and bake.

I am a nature lover!  I adore the wind, the rain and trees and the water and rocks.  (I especially love heart shaped rocks!)  I love hiking and walking outside and breathing in the perfect energizing air.

I am, especially, a seeker of light, truth, personal growth, and love.  These things give me joy and inspire me.  These things fill me with purpose and peace.

My intenti132161-Realize-Deeply-That-The-Present-Moment-Is-All-You-Ever-Really-Have....on with this blog is to write every night about my “now moment.”  What am I now?  This moment?

Now.  THAT is the only moment I have.  There isn’t yesterday.  There isn’t tomorrow. There’s now.  This moment is my life and my world and my only time to live. So I hope to express each day, what I am at that moment.

Some days I imagine I will have great insight into beautiful truths that I’ve learned.  These are the moments I want to catch and shine light on and remember.  Some days I will be tired and have had a less than inspiring moment.  And those are good too.  It’s real to see and share both.

There is a yin and yang to life.  A balance that exists.  It’s not all roses and gumdrops.  Sometimes it’s poopy diapers and crayon on the walls.  But without the poo, I wouldn’t know to be grateful for the loveliness that is available in most moment2c4853ac0097347e3e6401d64cc9dc70s.

There’s something amazing about learning to be present and to appreciate ALL the moments.  Not just the happy seemingly positive ones. ALL moments are part of my experience … owning every piece of myself and just allowing it brings the peace and the joy.

I don’t have to dwell in the diapers and the negative spots … but they DO exist and they are part of life.  It’s ok.  I can have those moments and still see beauty.  Because the beauty is in the WHOLE of life.  The yin and the yang.  It’s not just in the roses and the kisses and the laughter … it’s also in the ability to have the less than desirable parts and then still feel the joy and see the gratitude in being alive.  It’s ALL in all.

This life iSpread-the-love_500x500-pxs a gift.  My spot is a unique aspect of the universe.  Your spot is a unique place too.  There is something to learn from every unique soul. So I am sharing my spot with you.  I am this.  I am unique and lovely and interesting and beautiful and have MUCH to offer the world.

And so do you.  Let’s share who we are and allow all people to own their uniqueness.
That’s what brings freedom. That’s what brings peace.  THAT is love.

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