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8 | To Cross or Not to Cross the Bridge

Love-is-the-bridgeThe sun is shining in the windows this morning.  It is a beautiful day.  I have really learned to appreciate Sundays.  We use this time to be together as a family, we call it our “family rest day” and we just connect together and feel the love.  It is replenishing!  Joy comes through connecting with other humans.  Pure love connection, unity, is what feeds our soul.  We are MEANT to be drawn together in love and unity and to strengthen and help each other, to lift each other up, to accept the other as he is and to embrace our unique divinity.  This is how we grow.

This is expansion.

Judgment is constricting in nature.

It expands nothing, but instead makes it smaller.  It isn’t unity, it’s the opposite of unity. It is belief in being better or greater or wiser or more special … or lesser or dumber or littler.  It is so narrow in its energy that it takes away what little unity there is and negates it.

When we embrace a persquotes-love-mountains-marianne-williamson-480x480on as he is, that is what love is.  It’s not about changing them to be what we think they should be, or believing they’re not acceptable and judging them by how they look and if it’s different it’s not ok … that is not love.  That is a conditional state.  Love, pure love, is UNCONDITIONAL.  There are not terms or qualifications for it, it just is.

When that kind of love is given it expands the energy that exists.  It brings freedom to the one who is receiving, in that they are free to be who they are.  That is real freedom because they ARE that thing, and are not anything else.  So accepting who they are is owning reality.  It also brings freedom to the one who is giving the unconditional love.

This kind of love says:

“I am this.  I own that I’m this. You are that.  I accept and love that you’re that.  I love you FOR the uniqueness that is your soul and that uniqueness creates even MORE love because I see that it’s beautiful.”

The pure love that is unconditional couldn’t possibly think another should change who they are because that would put a condition on it, so this pure love understands that all are exactly worthy and whole of this pure love now.  Today.  This moment.

Nothing can take away your worthiness of this love.

To see anything other than this kind of love is NOT love, it is an illusion we’ve created to substitute for what real love is because we don’t know how to love unconditionally.

Begin this moment to try to step outside of your limited vision of our tiny human conditional love and expand your vision to include ALL people, all things, all conditions, all ways of being.  Only when ALL are equal in your eyes will you know what unconditional love is about … and even then we will probably get it a little wrong because our minds are so limited.  But it will be closer than a judgmental “you need to change or you’re not worthy” limiting constricting kind of “fake” love.

I don’t want that illusion.  I choose reality.  And in truth ALL people and things and ways of being in unique form are perfectly beautiful.  And wholly lovable.  Today.  This moment. There is not change required in the love that I see.if-you-want-to-win-hearts

I want this love.  I focus on this kind of unconditional love. (unconditional: not limited in any way : complete and absolute)  Complete and absolute love is beautiful and expands for ALL who partake.  It is life giving!  It is soul FEEDING!  It is our true nature to give and know this love.

Accept who you really are and you begin to see in this kind of loving way and your world is changed … You GIVE love just because you love.  There is not another reason, there is not a condition or expectation attached to it, your love is absolute for all because you are whole.  And as you are whole you’re able to extend that wholeness to ALL.  In loving you receive love and then ALL are filled.

This is the joy of life.  LOVE is the joy of life.  And the joy is glorious.

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