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449620a9ab68b44bb3557d297ad87ebeI have nine people in my immediate family.  That’s a lot, right?!  It’s loud and busy and sometimes feels like chaos.  It’s also fun, and entertaining, and joyful and FULL of love; an unlimited supply.

Do you know what 7 kids at dinnertime sounds like?  Just imagine 7 hands with 7 metal forks banging those forks on a hard wooden surface.  And then ADD 7 additional hands with cups in them lifting them up and banging them down on the hard table.  Add to that 7 voices all saying different things at the same.  Laughter, singing, whistling, food talk, noises, “bleep bleep blarg!” And then take all of that and swirl it around and around until there’s this chorus of noise that is never-endingly constant.

That is my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

It IS crazy though.  Sometimes it is CHAOS!  It is occasionally extremely overwhelming and there are moments that I stand there and just watch the scene unfold because I’m not able to think of anything to do; my mind and senses are so overloaded.

I look at life and think that in some ways it is much the same way.

We are inundatedthoughts with “noise”.  Music, tv, youtube videos, social media, gaming, movies, activities, sports, errands, working, etc etc.  It is a constant flow of mind noise.  A continual and never ending supply of information that we “feed” our brain.  It is almost never turned off!

I sometimes think we’ve forgotten how to sit in silence.  How to be still. How to not have something playing at us or entertaining us or filling up the space of time with whatever.

There is so much beauty and peace in stillness.  There is something magical that happens when you sit with nothing.  Just sit.  With your thoughts.  And you will find that you’re so used to being mind stimulated that your mind won’t turn off.  It’s just going a mile a minute and there is NO break.

Most of the time our minds are chaotic … that means there’s lack of order.  There’s so much going on that it is impossible to find stillness and presence in the moment.  We get so focused on what’s going to happen that we need to “plan” for or what happened that we hope doesn’t again, or any other number of things, that even when there’s nothing going on outside, inside is still crazy.Be-still...

As I’ve meditated I have had moments, in the meditation, that were perfect moments of presence.  Fully “in the moment” moments where everything melts away and it’s just this energy that fills and sustains and gives.  It’s refreshing and replenishing!  It is clarity.

Of course there are other times that I’m so not able to focus and my mind is jumbled and I can’t turn it off.  And those, right now, are more often than the clarity.  But the clarity is there behind the lack of order and it’s SO beautiful!

It’s about retraining our minds!  It’s teaching our minds to slow down and to take a breath, to be filled with life sustaining energy.  This is not just something we should do, this is ESSENTIAL for our well being!

We have lost the art of stillness.  We have forgotten what it feels like to have clarity of mind and purpose and energy that flows through us in an unbroken flow.  We have neglected feeding ourselves the food that is the REAL nourishment!  It’s not the things we put into our mouths that feeds us but the things we put into our minds and into our soul.

Do you realize that everyMeditation-quote-David-Lynchthing is energy?  And as such, it has a frequency or vibration.  The food we eat, the chair we sit on, the clothes we wear, the trees in the park, the hair on our heads … it is all made up of energy.

Our mind CREATES our frequency or vibration through our thoughts.

Think about what that means for a moment … we are each capable of creating wellness within our physical body through wellness of mind!  Very literally!!

As you focus your mind to well being, to replenishment, to stillness, to clarity, your body follows.  It follows the vibration you create through your thoughts.

No wonder that all of us are sick all of the time and feel so tired!  Our minds lack order!  Our thoughts and minds NEVER turn off the noise and chaos.

Stillness brings back the well being.  Stillness creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity.  Stillness allows for harmony between you and the universe, which ipresents an abundant source of well being and love.  Stillness and balance align your vibration to the frequency of that well being and love.

You can do this!  You can choose this way of refocusing yourself to well being.  You are able, within yourself, to turn OFF the noise that is constant and to retrain your mind to have clarity and connect to that flow of energy.  It is in you already, you just need to connect to it.

Meditation is an excellent tool for this retraining.  It is really helping me focus and teaching me how to turn my mind off enough to find the balance within, find the flow of the universe, feel the energy and clarity that is there and bring IT to focus.

If you don’t meditate currently, you should try it.  Sit in stillness and quiet for even just 5 minutes in the morning.  It will set your day to a good starting point with peace as the intention.  And it WILL take some “letting go” and just allowing what is to be.  You will find that your mind is loud!  And that’s ok.  Over time it will learn to be quieter and you will find that focusing on the peace is possible.bi_graphics_meditation

There is BEAUTY in the stillness.  There is PEACE in the quiet.  There is ABUNDANCE in the flow and it will bring clarity and focus and change your life.

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