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Have you ever imagined what your “ideal dream life” would look like?

In my vision of “Honor’s Ideal Life” I live away from the city.  We have a large piece of property surrounded by beautiful evergreen trees and there’s water that i201525719s clear and peaceful.  There are trails to explore and walk and there are all kinds of plants and trees and animals in abundance.

Our home is comfortable and large enough to fit our large family with ease.  The kids each have a space that they can claim as their own and they are able to have it be exactly what they desire … a reading nook, or a craft space, or a sport court.

My husband stays home and pursues his joy … I don’t know what that looks like, but he’s happy and feels freedom in that.  I have a space, just for me where I can meditate and write and sew and read and do all the things that fill me with healing energy.

We spend a lot of time outside soaking in the sun and the clean pure energy that nature gives.  We have a “family Serviceservice-to-others-quotes-8” time that we focus on ways to give to the community.  With the freedom in this “ideal” life comes the opportunity to help others on a larger scale and so, as a family, we love to travel and experience other cultures through service.

This life is about love and giving and healing and balance and joy.  We are each blessed, in this “ideal” circumstance, to really “find” who we are inside and to follow where it leads.  And through doing that we receive great peace and joy.

I’m able to give my kids all the experiences they need to find who they are inside and it allows them to just be that; to not worry about what the “world” thinks they should be or should be doing and to just focus on what they LOVE to do.  In this they are really more of a service to the world because when they are able to follow and embrace their true nature they tap into the part of the universe and God that is within and it unlocks who they came here to be … their “divine purpose” for this life.

This life is abundant … in love, in unity, in giving, in joy, in life sustaining energy.  This life is freedom … freedom to just be.  Be who we are lead to be by the one who created us for this purpose.  This life is a gift. 6358306185208975971969308494_freedom

As I ponder on this ideal life in my mind, I can see it so clearly, and in seeing it it brings the feelings this life would give.  And I sit and think … maybe, just maybe, I already HAVE my “ideal Honor life.”

Maybe it’s not about what I think would bring the feelings, the circumstances I imagine would add to my joy, but it’s really just about feeling that joy today in the circumstances that are reality.

Do you know that everyday I wake up and meditate, by myself, in the quiet of the morning?  I spend time outside everyday walking, feeling the energy from the trees and nature … there is a large forest/”park” across the street from my backyard and it is available everyday to fill me with peace and I can see it from my kitchen/family room/bedroom windows.

Since we moved last fall, we have no schedule.  Literally there’s only work and school so we spend all of our time together as a family.  We go on hikes and we sit and talk and we just hang out and be together.  Everyday.  I often think that every evening feels sort of like a holiday because there’s that “freedom” energy to it.

equals-quotes-8I am able to give through words and heart rocks and positive thought and other small ways … it’s still “little” in nature, but giving is giving and it is a joy to be able to do it.

I have learned how to be Honor.  It’s taken quite some time, but the peace that comes in being myself, who I feel I am inside, and not apologizing for it, is tremendous.  I feel abundant in love, in unity, in giving, in joy and in life sustaining energy and HEALING most of the time.

I guess I DO have my “ideal” life.  It looks different than my vision of it, but it’s beautiful and lovely and it is mine today.

We don’t have to get anything new to receive the feeling of freedom and joy, we can have it NOW in owning and claiming our life as ours.  In taking responsibility for the perspective that is within you, you are able to shape it to be whatever you want it to be.

YOU create your world through how you choose to SEE!

You can focus on the loveliness that exists … there’s beauty everywhere.  See what is in your life that is good.  And then keep looking at THAT.  Ignore the stuff you don’t like, because, let’s face it, there’s always that garbage.  But you don’t have to focus on the garbage.  And in consciously choosing to NOT focus on it you’re changing your perspective.

When I walk everyday, this body that has carried and born 7 children sort of complains. My hips hurt.  They ache constantly actually … but I don’t focus on it because it would do no good!  I know that if I see wholeness it will be there.  And so I focus on what I see that IS whole and good.  The trees that are each so unique and perfect.  The clean fresh air that goes in and out of my lungs and fills me with energy.  The peace of my neighborhood and the birds and the sun shining through the clouds and the rain pitter-pattering on the sidewalk and the fact that my legs walk 6 miles a day and always get me where I desire to go … there are SO many things to choose to see that are perfect and whole and amazingly miraculous.the-choice-your

So I focus on those, and in focusing on those, the things I don’t want to see fade away and begin to mean nothing.  And the beauty that is left is awe inspiring and REAL.

Your ideal life IS available … and it’s all in how you choose to see what is.  What is, is the life you have today.  That is what’s reality.  This is the life you have.

Create the feeling of joy by focusing on the most beautiful aspects of your life and pretty soon MORE things that are beautiful will come into your experience and it will be this lovely expectation everyday to see what the universe and God are going to put in front of you that fills you with love and joy.

I have everything.  My life is full.  Peace and love abound.

This is truth.  I choose to only see this.  And in choosing this, my ideal is manifest.

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