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103856-oIt’s 6:34 am.  I’ve just meditated for 30 minutes.  The house is silent.  There’s a train blowing its whistle outside in the distance, and I feel joy in this moment.  Joy in the stillness of the morning.  Joy in the abundance that is in me and around me.  Joy in getting to CHOOSE how to see the world.

I have CREATED a life that fills me with joy through the choices I make in how I see.  Nothing much has changed actually, except my perception.  I perceive that the world is beautiful and glorious and that it fills me with joy continually, and then I see beauty and love everywhere I go until there is nothing else to do but feel blissfully happy.

There’s a vibration, or frequency to joy.  It’s a different vibration9720543-illustration-of-beating-heart-with-wave-frequency than anger or fear or sadness.  It’s lighter, quicker, easy, life filling.  Joy relieves burden and stress.  Joy comes in and sweeps out all of the things that stifle your creation and your perception and
through feeling and seeing joy you allow the universe to unfold MORE joyful things for you to behold.

There’s a law called the Law of Vibration.  It states:

 … that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in its purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. All matter, thought and feeling has its own vibrational frequency. The thoughts, feelings and actions we choose also have their own particular rates of vibration. These vibrations will set up resonance with whatever possesses identical frequency.

In other words, your thoughts are inseparably connected to the rest of the universe. “Like attracts like”.  As you focus on joy and choose to think positively, you will see joy and align your vibration with “like” things.  Joy with joy. Love with love.

There are many religions in the world, and they all have a similar principle within their teachings.  I learned it as the Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would have them do to you.  It is alarge_golden_rule_poster way of learning kindness and how to treat people, but if you look within the principle, it follows the “like attracts like” pattern.  If you treat others as you want to be treated, YOU receive that same treatment … your vibration lines up with what you put out vibrationally.

So if you treat people like garbage, you are rude to those you meet, you steal a parking spot and then you sneer at a person as you walk in in front of them at the store you’re going into, and then you take the last cart just as someone else was going to use it … that all sets your frequency.  Your energy vibrates then, within that frequency.  I’ll call it the “garbage” frequency.

When Garbage Frequency is your base point, you can ONLY receive like vibration.  So you will get back what you give out.  The scenarios are endless as to how you can receive the garbage back … in general terms, the day will be crappy.  The time you spend in that place will have you feeling terrible and you will not love it.

I have witnessed this principle going both directions.  I’ve partaken of the garbage frequency-300x187frequency and I know the love frequency.  They both exist and they come and go as my vibration changes.

What I think creates my world, very literally.  My thoughts create my frequency.

So when I learned this principle it was amazing to me, I had never learned, in all of my church going and life, the WHY of the principle of the golden rule, only that I should be kind because that’s what God was telling me to do.  But understanding the WHY changes everything and really makes it stick for me.

There’s the scripture that says “it’s better to give than to receive” which is true.  Giving brings love into your life and allows you to forget your tiny worries and focus on something bigger.  It’s important to give to others without thinking about what you’re going to get in return.  Giving just to give. Loving just to love.  That is true charity.

But in giving you DO get something.  Always.  When you give in true charity you receive joy in return.  When you love just to love, your heart is filled as well.  So there is ALWAYS something that comes from giving … like for like, in pure giving.

Flickr-Consciousness-AlicePopkornWhat happens when you give with expectations?  They’re usually not met.  And then you get bent out of shape or frustrated or angry or hurt or … the list goes on and on.  When you give expecting something in return, you are not freely giving and then it closes the door on the joy and love you would have received had you given it freely with no limits to it.

The vibration in which you do anything creates the experience.  What you “align” with comes back to you like a mirror.  I have “tested” this principle through experience and know that it’s truth.

First example: I gave something with an expectation attached to it. It was not consciously done, but the belief that I would receive something from the giving was there.  I didn’t articulate what that expectation was, it was in my mind though, and so it was real to me. (After introspection I realized this, when I went into it I didn’t realize I was doing this)  I was giving, and that was right and good, but attaching an unspoken expectation on the giving limited my receipt of the joy that comes through freely giving.  I did NOT receive what I desired out of that giving.  And it bugged me.  And I dwelt on it and got frustrated and thought “well that’s the last time I give anything like that again.” (seriously, I know, it’s classic and it’s lame. but yes, I did do this. and recently.)

So I gave, which could have been good and filled me with joy, but I was not freely giving and so my vibration was one of expectation to get something out of the giving.  So I did NOT get the joy that comes through giving and I did NOT have my expectations met and I DID feel terrible for days about it.

My “I want something out of this” vibration created my world in that moment and it was not a joyful happy world.  It was frustrating and I was hurt.  I actually thought to myself “they must not love me.” … that’s a CRAZY conclusion when the expectation was never even spoken to them!  That’s where I was though … I was vibrating at a place where you give only to get something in return and if you don’t get that thing it means the other person doesn’t appreciate or love you.

I created that scenario, I dwelt in it, I CHOSE it through my thoughts.

Example 2: I decided to start writing a blog.  I wanted to do it just because I love learning and I’ve learned so much and I want to just teach it.  I have NO expectation to receive anything from it other than a more solid belief in what I’ve received … through giving it, it is more firmly rooted within me.  When I teach it, I “get” more of it.  So I started this blog with the thought that I will learn more.  And that is my only expectation.  The first few articles on the blog I AM learning more.  Each time I write and articulate what I’ve received I gain some additional knowledge and I grow.  It’s beautiful for me.  And in addition to what I’m receiving through learning, I have received messages from other people who have told me that this is good for them too.

I gave, in this instance, in a vibration of love … freely giving just to give.  No expectation on anyone else to give me anything in return.  And in giving in that way, JOY came!  And I received MORE knowledge than I had had.  In addition to the joy and the knowledge I DID get some feedback from others that it’s helped them.

This experience of giving was wholly different than the first one.  The frequency with which my energy was vibrating in the blog experience was WAY different than the first experience … and I received what I gave out in both. Very literally.  Very obviously.

I have witnessed this in my life over and over and over.  It is truth.

originalKnowing that this IS truth makes the world of difference if you let it.  You now know WHY it’s better to give freely than to focus on what you’re going to receive and WHY you should do unto others as you would have them to unto you … because your vibration attracts similar vibrational experiences.  You create your world through your energy.

How do you change your vibration?  Through your thoughts and intentions!

Simply put: like attracts like + thoughts create vibration = you create the world you live in.

You get to choose!!!  This is amazing right?!  You are in control of how your world unfolds.  And if you want it to be joyful?  You know HOW to do that.  Align your vibration with that vibration through the thoughts you give.

It’s so simple, and as you begin to test this principle you will realize how hard it can be to consciously control your thoughts.  It’s tricky!  It takes some effort and a great deal of intention.  But it’s SO possible to change everything you experience just through changing how you go about your life, how you choose to see, what you think about, how you give.  These things are how you shape your frequency.

My life has transformed to a life of joy because of knowing this and consciously choosing my thoughts.  When they’re negative I feel it and I can use that feeling as a gauge to help me turn around and focus on something more positive.

It becomes easy as you do it more and more and pretty soon you realize that the world isn’t doing anything1b31ee7e9223adde0deaebea17bbe1f7 TO you, you are making your world.  You are not being put upon, you are creating your experience.

Start to just be conscious of your thoughts.  Where are they?  Are they positive?  Do they feel joyful?  When they’re not, try to focus on something lighter.  To shift focus don’t say “shift focus, shift focus, my thoughts are negative, I need to get rid of these negative thoughts …” That will just keep your mind on the negative thoughts.  To think more positively you only have to choose to focus on something else.  Immediately.  So instead of the garbage frequency you’re giving out, when you notice it, say “I need to shift my thoughts to something joyful.” and then find something, in that moment you’re grateful for and choose to think about that instead.

Whatever you’re doing wherever you are there is something to be grateful for.  Gratitude is THE way to shift your frequency to a higher place.

Try this, it works.  Just pay attention and you will see the principle in your life.

You create your world.  Begin to consciously choose and feel the joy of life!

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  1. {I am a little behind in reading, but I love taking this journey with you!}

    So much beauty, truth and light in what you shared here! Lately I have been trying to be much more mindful with my thoughts and the direction they are taking. When I focus on love and on God’s way, I feel more calm and still. I feel I am more able to completely trust in Him which helps me let go of things in my life that I can’t control.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us!



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