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I meditated before bed and had an awesome evening of studying and learning.  It was great and it just put me in such a good spot, and then I had a really intensezombie_horde2_0ly real dream as I slept … about ZOMBIES.  Seriously?!  I have NO idea where that came from.  I don’t read about zombies, I don’t watch shows about zombies … I never even think about zombies.  And then to dream so vividly of them?

It was random and weird.  I was PART of the world where zombies exist but I was still me and was aware that it was creepy and scary and NOT REAL.  But they were everywhere and they were pretty darn persistent.

What IS a zombie?

    –a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.
    –a hypothetical being that responds to stimulus as a person would but that does not experience consciousness.

Ok, so a zombie appears lifeless, unresponsive to their surroundings, and does not experience consciousness.  A zombie is on autopilot in its own creepy “zombie world” which has nothing to do with the “real” world.

What IS the real world?

This morning I was lying in bed as the alarm went off and thought “I’m still tired. I should just stay in bed.” But then my “intuition/inspiration” voice inside me said, “Just yesterday you said you wanted to receive more knowledge of God and the Universe and you committed to doing everything you’re inspired to do, and now you’re going to let your tiredness keep you from meditating, KNOWING it is important for you? Get up.”

So I got uChange-Nothing-Nothing-Changep. (lol)  I said “thank you” to that space within who KNOWS what my desires are and how to achieve them and I meditated.  As I was just sitting with my thoughts and energy, I had the zombie dream recalled to my mind.  And the “Honor” part of me thought … “What was that anyway?” I received some understanding.

Understanding what a zombie represents is important.  It is apathetic energy. (Apathetic: showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.)  It is NOT acting, NOT responding, NOT seeking, NOT moving.  A zombie symbolizes stagnancy. (stagnancy: characterized black of development, advancement, or progressive movement.)  A zombie-like state of being is one of no movement forward … and if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backward.  There are 2 directions, forward and backward.  Standing still might seem like an option, but it’s really just part of going backward.  It’s NOT progression, it’s NOT moving forward, so it’s moving backward.

Think about a pattern of this principle within nature.  A plant.  What happens when a flower grows?  It changes!  It starts as a seed and bursts open and pushes itself up through the dirt into the open air where it twists and turns and seeks the light.  Continually seeking and growing and changing until a flower bursts forth.  It transforms from a tiny little dull seed to a beautiful radiant flower.  The progression is always moving, always seeking light, always changing its appearance … it is NEVER stagnant and still.

Watch as this flower grows …

Did you see how it is ALWAYS moving.  It is ALWAYS changing.  Leaves sprout and grow and then when they’ve served their purpose they step back or “shrivel” and die.  The dying leaves isn’t sad, it’s essential for the flower to reach its beautiful potential to shed the parts that are no longer helpful. They were perfectly in the right spot when they were needed, and when they’re no longer needed for progression, they’re shed. (for scripture people, think of the olive branches)

What would happen if the seed could choose to grow or not grow?  The seed could say, “I am a seed.  I am not anything else.  Bursting looks painful and growing into something else?!  I’m a SEED!  I don’t want to be something else.  I’m happy to be this.  I don’t want to do anything hard and growing looks hard.  This dirt is cozy and familiar.  I think I’ll linum-perennestay here.”

Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if the seed could choose to be stagnant?  The seed would miss out on its beautiful potential to grow, to CHANGE, and to become what it is MEANT to become.

The seed is and always was MEANT to be the flower.  The flower is its maximum potential.  To stay as just a seed doesn’t allow for the beauty that it was created for.  And everyone and everything would be missing out if the seed didn’t flower.  The bees, and the birds, and all who look upon the flower and feel joy would be missing out.

We are each MEANT to change and to grow into something we can’t even fathom yet.  We see ourselves as this, as these human bodies.  But what if we’re more?  What if we’re actually FLOWERS and we have to burst forth out of our zombie world into the open air and twist and turn and grow and progress into something that we can’t even imagine yet; something beautiful and lovely andownloadd FULL of life and importance to existence.
That is my potential. That is YOUR potential.  Do not be satisfied with standing still.  Do not be happy in ZombieLand!  DESIRE growth!  Desire CHANGE!  Make it your mission to ALWAYS be moving upward and into the light because if you’re not, you’re not progressing.  And not progressing is not why you’re here.

If you don’t learn new and beautiful things in your life currently, change that!  Seek them out!  They are everywhere and they are beautiful and you should NOT be satisfied with standing still, never growing into the new beautiful soul (your “unique flower”) that is your potential!

You don’t even know what your influence on the world could be if you don’t grow and seek to change the world.  EVERYONE can change the world.  Each of us, desiring in our spot to make a difference, can and WILL make that difference as we seek to grow into our divine potential.

I am telling you, and you may already realize this, but you are not this.  You are not this body in this world with these problems and health issues and lack.  YOU. ARE. DIVINE.  You are an integral part of God and the Universe whether you recognize it or not.  You wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t your identity.  And what’s awesome about the universe and God is that it’s just unchangeable fact.  It is what is.  You can’t change the fact that you exist and you can’t change the fact that you’re part of eternal existence.  It is unchangeable.  GOD is unchangeable … andchange so are you. (the divine you!)

Your true potential is a flower of untold and unimagined beauty and luster.  Your true potential is a spot in the universe that will change the world.  You are needed to rise up to that potential, so oppose your identity as this little thing with no power and believe that you have the power to change the world.

Each one of us, rising up and rejecting zombie-hood, is the way we will change the world.  One person at a time.

I am a flowering soul of beauty and my potential is limitless.  I CAN and WILL change the world in my own unique way.  I embrace this potential in myself and in you too.  Together we can create abundance and joy for all.

Positive mantras or affirmations totally work … and signs on your bathroom mirror do too!  Give yourself some positive words to ponder and put into your mind and you WILL see the world more positively.  Because the world is full of life and love and joy.  It is and as you focus on what brings you joy you WILL see more of it and pretty soon the peace you have within you will be beyond description.

Clinging to the peace and seeking the light that brings that peace into your life is how you rise up to your true authentic divine potential.  Become the flower you were meant to be and bloom where you’re planted and make your world lovelier.  It will impact everyone and everything and you will change the world.

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