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82 | Running Into Growth

Sometimes I hear my kids say “I can’t do that” or “if I do that I’ll die” or “that is too hard” or “I am bad at that” or “I’m just not able to do that.”

I have said many things like that too in my life.

  • “I am just not a runner.”
  • “I am not a morning person.”
  • “I am terrible at drawing.”
  • “I’m just not fun and outgoing.”
  • “I guess I’m just lazy, that’s why I can’t do that.”

I could continue, but you get my point. We all have a way we see ourselves, and the things we think about ourselves, and the words we use to describe ourselves fall into alignment with the “picture” we have of who we are and what we think we’re capable of.whether-you-think-you-can-or-think-you-cant-youre-right-henry-ford

When I hear my kids say they can’t do something, that they think they’re not able, etc. I stop them and make sure they’re aware that they CAN do anything they want to do. CHOOSING not to try and to do it is not the same thing as not being able. They’re well able to do ALL things … if they believe they can and they put forth the effort they will do it. I try to teach my children that the world is open to them, if they see something that they want to do, that they want to learn, that they would like to experience, the only thing holding them back is themselves. If they truly desire it they will make it happen. Belief in their ability to accomplish what they set their minds to accomplish is essential.

I think we should ALL learn this truth.

When something looks hard, when something looks insurmountable, when something is not within our “picture” of who we are … that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It just means it will take more effort and more alignment to the flow of our divine potential to accomplish it. It takes letting go of preconceived notions of who we are and accepting that we are who we believe we are and we can change our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

There is NO limit to what you can accomplish. If you desire to do it and you don’t know how, learn how. If you want to accomplish it and it is hard, work through the hard. If you think you can’t do something and you keep saying “but I can’t do that, that’s not me” stop saying that … tell yourself you CAN do it and it is TOTALLY within the realm of your capability.43e2e3fa0e5eb3a52d0ba953c709ad01

Last year I was inspired to drastically change my diet. I looked at what I “couldn’t” eat in the new way of nourishing myself and it looked SO restrictive and difficult to maintain. I kept saying to myself “how do I not eat dairy? And no bread? I don’t know how to do that. And I love sugar … how do I cut that out? And no meat? What will I eat?!” I kept that running dialog in my head reminding myself over and over how hard it was and how much I was going to “miss out on.”

You know what I discovered? Focusing on what I was letting go of was NOT the way to embrace change. Focusing on what I COULD eat was the way to embrace the change. My love for fruit and vegetables became my new focus and I enjoyed the change so much after my focus shifted and I felt healthier and lighter. It was good because I shifted my focus from what I didn’t think I could do to what I knew I could do. I knew I could eat fruit and vegetables and that I loved them so I put my focus on that.Abraham-Maslow-QuoteWhen you’re aiming at a new thing, a new way of being, an “extension” of yourself it will take some effort. It will take your full focus to embrace the new way. If you focus on what you’re giving up, letting go of, and “missing out on” you will not have an easier time … it will be more difficult. Instead, focus on what you’re GAINING!

In all growth and expansion there is a letting go of a previous way and an embracing of a new expanded way … the expansion is you growing. It is you choosing to extend yourself in a positive way beyond what you’re used to into a new place of “more.”

In expansion there is this peace and sense of accomplishment and joy that is there … and it is more than you’ve experienced before because you’re in a spot you’ve never been in before. It is MORE, it is GROWTH …

  • Instead of being 5’0″ tall … you’re now 5’6″ tall and you can see more of the world.
  • Instead of being at the bottom of the mountain you’re at the top and have new vistas to see.
  • Instead of walking you’re now running
  • Instead of shuffling along in a daze you’re now dancing in clarity
  • Instead of limiting yourself to what you have been telling yourself you are, you’ve opened up EVERY potential knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

It is true freedom when you are open to expansion and you understand that you can choose to do anything, the only limit is yourself, so as you believe in your ability to do all things, you open up the potential FOR all things. Limitlessly.wsi-quote-believe-you-can

I went running this morning … and my life’s belief that I’m not a runner kept trying to derail my thoughts. I continually said out loud as I was running “I can do this. I can do anything. I know I am well able to do all things. I am whole, I am strong, I am capable.” Over and over I repeated these words out loud to myself as I ran. And  you know what? I ran over 4 miles. Generally I walk, and generally I tell people I hate running … today? I ran, and I loved it.

Put your mind to what you desire, aim high … aim for the stars KNOWING that the only potential is that you’ll succeed and you’ll expand … you WILL grow. That is truth. Believe and watch it happen.


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