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136 | I Have a Super Power

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The sun is SHINING here today! Washington State in November is BEAUTIFUL when it’s sunny and clear. It is often NOT those things, we get a lot of rainy gray days (days and days and days), but when the sun is out and the sky is clear it is brilliant and glorious.

I am beginning to realize how great my ability to affect my life is. I mean, I’ve know that … but I haven’t KNOWN that. I don’t know if that makes sense. All I can say, is that my awareness of my power has expanded and it is awesome.


Question: What is your power?

My power is in the agency I have. (agency = the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power) That means that I have the capacity of exerting (applying, using) my power … I am aware now, that my very state of being IS my power.

Q: But what does that mean? That’s not really a definition of your power … can you fly? Are you super strong? Do you read minds? What is your power?

My power is in my thoughts, my beliefs, how I perceive the world … basically my power comes from what I choose to do with what presents itself to me – my response to my circumstances. My power is that I can choose the frequency or energy I emit or am.

In other words … I have the power to change my world.

Q: But what good is that power? It doesn’t seem very useful or “powerful.”

Remember the quote … “Your circumstances don’t define you, how you respond TO your circumstances defines you.” (or something like that.)

Every moment of every day I am faced with circumstances. We all are. Some of them are “good” …. they “trigger” joy, love, ease, relief, fun, excitement, peace etc. Some of them are looked at as “bad” or negative … they “trigger” pain, frustration, anger, annoyance, shame, guilt, desire to control, etc. This is just what is. It is a truth. The circumstances that come into each of our lives trigger responses within each of us.

Here’s where my power comes in … I can be aware of what is “triggered” within me, and use it to “create” the place I want to dwell … (who I want to be).

(“place” here is used to describe the frequency I want to vibrate at … that is basically everything, when you realize that all that comes into your life’s experience – the CIRCUMSTANCES – is shaped and created through the frequency you emit – in other words, your vibrational frequency – your ENERGY – “calls forth” circumstances that MATCH that vibration. Like for like.)


Q: What does that look like?

Here’s an example:

As a foundation … I understand that I prefer to live with peace, harmony, and love. I know that those aren’t always the first response to every situation and sometimes I won’t have those, but I have experienced enough to know that if I can have those, I like my life more. I feel more easily able to do what I’m faced with, and I just feel better. I prefer it.

So the example: I order a dress for an event online. The money is taken out of my account. I do not receive an invoice email or anything from the company. I wait a week. Still no email. I email the company asking what’s going on, explaining that I have not received any communication from them etc. etc. …

The next day the dress arrives in the mail with no invoice, packing slip or anything like that. I try on the dress. It is NOT what I saw in the picture on the website. It will not work. I go onto the website and see that I can initiate a return/refund only with an invoice number. I do not have an invoice number because I never received one. I email the company again explaining the whole thing and ask if I can just get the invoice number so I can return the dress.

They respond to my email with a very unhelpful email that does not address any of my questions or concerns.


So. I’m faced with several options. My initial response is frustration, annoyance, and maybe I want to write rude things to them. I am trying to be more consciously aware in my life though, so I see that these circumstances have triggered a “negative” response within me.

I look at it. I acknowledge it.

“I see you frustrated annoyance!”


“Thank you for showing up!”

Enter in my super power. I have the power to CHOOSE HOW I RESPOND to this circumstance. I am GRATEFUL that I am aware of the trigger within me. YES! That means that I have the ability to choose what I do from this moment forward. I can choose to follow through with the anger, frustration and get in a tizzy about this OR … I can choose a different way.

The choice is mine, and the fact that I have that choice is my power.


What it all boils down to, in this situation, is where do I want to be? Do I want negative energy to overtake the moment, the day, the week, or do I want to have peace? I get to choose.

Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that just amazingly brilliant? Doesn’t that feel POWERFUL?!

It is and it does.

Every time there is a trigger that fires off within me I can use it for my benefit. They’re actually there to help me! Like a guidance system.

I don’t have to use them. I don’t have to move myself out of the negative spot. I can stay there. I don’t even have to be aware they’re there. It’s not bad one way and good another … it is always just WHERE DO I WANT TO BE? WHO do I want to be?

Like I said earlier, I prefer to be peace. And so in this circumstance I chose to exert/apply/use my super power. And I thanked those negative emotions for showing up and helping me see that I didn’t want to be in that place I was headed. And then I turned my little self around to a spot that felt better. It was peace. And I took that peaceful energy and I used it to CREATE the response to those circumstances that would expand upon peace. And then I embraced the peace, and thanked the peace, and went on with my day.

This power is real. This power is available in every moment. This power is within YOU too.


Doesn’t it feel RELIEVING to be less limited? Doesn’t it feel like FREEDOM to own your power and to choose to use it to shape the world around you? No longer do you have to  believe that the world is “doing you wrong” you can CHOOSE how you feel, what you think, how you respond to every circumstance that enters into your sight.

It IS relieving. It IS freedom. And it is YOURS to use.

What are you going to do with it?

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