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137 | My Post Election Plan

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Last night was election night 2016. Donald Trump, to the surprise of MANY (myself included) won. As I was woke up this morning and listened and looked at the changed world around me (nothing changed I realize … and yet SO much changed here.) and the thoughts and feelings of all the people I know and love, I have just tried to be open and aware and thoughtful on what comes next. These are my thoughts on that …

My thoughts today are all over the place, but mostly I am “mourning with those that mourn” and trying to look forward. I do not want to minimize anyone’s feelings and lighten what some feel very heavy about. So my heart is with all today in however they choose to feel about what is now OUR current circumstance.

For me … this is what I am doing …

I have tried to implement into my life more and more the thought that circumstances outside of me do not define me or control my life … how I respond to the circumstances is everything.

I cannot change what is. But, I can respond with love to those who need love and I can move forward in this moment with a heart of understanding, love, peace, and a desire to do the most good from where I currently stand.

I see what needs healing. My desire is to help in that however the opportunities for me to do that are presented.

I am at peace only because I understand where peace comes from and I know it is an “inside job.” But that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel with those who are feeling all of the range of emotions that are being felt today.

I told my mostly grown up daughters this morning how I felt. I explained what this vote “says” to me. And then I said that despite what is and what this now looks like, we should look forward and seek out ways to be more loving and to offer more peace to the world.

So THAT is what I’m doing today and everyday. I was doing it before. I’m continuing that journey. I am always on the look out for bright spots of light in a sometimes dark and dreary world and when I see them I shine my light on them as best as I can.

Today, more than ever, my desire is to just be a little brighter than before. Maybe that light can boost another. That is my hope anyway.

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