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Sixty Eight. Imagine Peace.

In order to change the world, you must first imagine a different world.

“In order to change the world, you must first imagine a different world.”

  • A world where peace is the way, love is expected, and joy is ever present.
  • A world where ALL partake in the lovely things of life and ALL feel fulfilled and whole.
  • A world in which there is only plenty and abundance for all, equally, without question and without worry.
  • A world where kindness for others is your first and automatic reaction.
  • A world that envelops all in a unity of love and there is a greatness and lightness of energy that shapes and transforms ALL because of it
  • The peace that is present in this new world is a relief to all and it feels more clear, more whole, more true, more divine, more fulfilling than anything we’ve experienced yet.

This world is what I see and imagine to be our world’s future. I see peace and love.

How do we bring this change to the world?

  • The changed world must be a fixed point in your mind; it IS the future for mankind. There is not another alternate way it could be … THIS is the way.
  • There is only room for actions and thoughts and words that align with that wholeness that exists in the changed evolved world.
  • All that you do and say must be equal to what living in that world would be like.
  • All people must be treated and seen as you would see, treat, and expect people to be treated in that world.

In order to change the world, you must hold that world ^^ in your thoughts, in your actions, in your words, and in your heart … FEELING that world, SPREADING that vision is how we bring it about.

You cannot change the world through focusing on all that’s wrong in our world, you cannot affect change in the world through fighting and holding the vision of this world … you WILL change the world through SEEING and ACTING on the vision of the NEW world.

You can do it.

I can do it.

Together we can do it.

The more of us who live in the “new” way, focusing on the higher way, hoping for and HOLDING the vision of the peaceful way – the amount of energy we GIVE toward the world of PEACE – is the amount of change and shifting we will see and experience.

One person can change EVERYTHING in their own life. Imagine what 5 of us could do, or 10, or 1,000 – or 1,000,000!

We CAN lead the way into peaceful living through LIVING that way TODAY. Right now. This moment.

We will change the world, and it begins with one person choosing peace.

Be the change …

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