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123 | There Is No One Size Fits All

Watch the Prince Ea video first, and then click this link listen to my brilliant response! (Ha!)  >>

WATCH THIS FIRST (it’s 6 minutes) ^^^

(this video! “The People vs. The School System” by Prince Ea … basically he is talking about how we’re each unique and we cannot thrive in a system that is based upon conformity and a “one size fits all” mentality. Each child within the system, each person within the system has their own way of learning, and their own skills and their own loves and their own strengths. He challenges the world to move out of an outdated system into a higher way.)

Yes. I am SO on board with this. I have seen how my own children do not thrive as they could in a system that is FOR people who love math and reading and want to go to traditional college. Not all kids have a dream to do that and that doesn’t make them less than or not equal to those who do – just different.

We NEED people who love doing hair and making others feel beautiful and we need people who work with their hands and we need people who have a dream to create and mold and shape and make new things. Not all of us are the same and that is the awesome part of life … the diversity.

There is ABSOLUTELY a place in this world for ALL of us. There is room for the professors and the doctors and the teachers and the hair stylists and the carpenters and the moms and the chefs and the artists and the musicians and the college graduates and the not college graduates.

One “way” to do it isn’t right for all … the way that you dream about, hope for, and desire is right for YOU. Just because it has become the “norm” to go to college and get a degree so you can be a “valuable” member of society doesn’t mean that’s THE way. It is A way. It is a way that has been put forth that a lot of people put a great deal of focus on. And for the people who want to do that AWESOME! Do it! Live your dream.

It is not everyone’s dream.


My own daughter is being “guided” at school to make a choice on what to do with her life that she doesn’t want to make. And when she says what she DOES want to do people look at her confused and act as if that’s not ok. Why? Because it doesn’t look like you think it should look?

I would love my kids to be able to learn about what they LOVE. What fills them with excitement and anticipation of learning more. I would love them to be able to try all the things that they want to so they can refine who they are and learn about who they are and what makes them tick.

I hope my kids choose to follow their passion in life and NOT just to get a job to earn money. What’s the point of that if it sucks you dry and leaves no room for living? I cannot imagine living a life that I hate. Going a job that I hate. I think it’s insanity to promote that. (of course, I realize for ALL people the goal is to choose to do something you love. And that’s great. But when the thing someone loves doesn’t fit into the “normal box” people have a harder time accepting it and often kids are guided into choosing options that don’t work for them.)

Kids who don’t want to go to college should be encouraged to find what they DO love to do and embrace it. Kids who want to go to college should be encouraged to find what they LOVE to learn and embrace that.

Let’s ditch the “one size fits all” way and allow everyone to follow their hearts, their joy, their passions, their skills, and their loves.


I’m grateful there are men and women who DO love to be doctors and lawyers and accountants and bankers and house builders and tech computer savvy people … I would rather gouge my eyes out. (ok, maybe not really, but it doesn’t sound fun. I think I would hate it.)

I love creating things with my hands. I love being home watching my kids grow. I love writing. I love learning about the things that spark joy in my soul.

I’m hoping to open up the space in my home that my kids can choose what they want to do without fear of it “looking wrong.” That is my goal. That is my intention. Leaving ALL options open for each of them and allowing them to follow their hearts.

Here’s what I’m telling my kids:

Want to go to college and become a vet? Yes! Let’s do it!!

Want to go to beauty school and learn to cut hair? Awesome! I’ll be your first client.

Want to go to college and then join the army and be in the band there? Ok! Practice practice practice!

Want to learn how to use tools and work with your hands? Cool! Your dad can help you get started with that!

Want to go to cooking school and become a chef? Perfect! Let’s get in the kitchen and learn some stuff now!

There is something in each of us that is MEANT for us. Your only job is to find it and embrace it. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Do what you LOVE. When you do, your “job” won’t be a job at all, instead it will be a gift you offer the world. There is room and space for everyone. The farmers, the doctors, the celebrities, the moms, the writers, the musicians, the inspirers, the leaders, the progressive people who help us open up to new ideas and new ways … we are ALL needed.

So let’s promote and embrace our children finding out who THEY are and being that. Just that. If it’s a kid headed to college, awesome. If it’s a kid headed to beauty school, cool. If it’s a kid headed to an art gallery, YES! If it’s a kid headed to the moon, DO IT! Whatever it is, I will wholly support your desire to be who you are.

Let’s do it!

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